Happy Wednesday!

You know, every time I think that I’m going to write every day, I never do it (at least not in a whole bunch of years). One would think that I would remember that, but no. I forget. Every time. Then I beat myself up about it. But oh, not this time. If I get one post a week, I think I’m doing ok.

Yes, I used to write almost daily. A lot of that happened when I had really bad bosses though. Bosses who did things like this or this or this. Back then, I was using writing as a way to get stuff off my chest so I didn’t go ballistic and get fired, lol. Either I’ve calmed way way down or things just are a lot better these days, or both. Probably both.

Let’s be real, it isn’t like the world isn’t falling apart right around us, or at least the United States is, but if I let all of that angst in, I’d probably just sit in a corner rocking myself back and forth all day. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an empath, but I definitely gotta block out some of this madness. The yoga, stretches, meditation, and community of the training I’m in are certainly helping also.

By the way, you’re welcome for that little earworm up there and blessing you with some Method Man to get you through the rest of the week. Sexy ass motherfucker.

I suppose I could dig deep for something else to tell you here, but then I’d just be rambling, so I’m just gonna sign off. See you next time.

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