We All Knew


One. One is the number of days in a row that I could write. But one is also now my current streak. One must start somewhere, right? So what if I keep starting over and over and over and over. And over.

Sidebar: I picked this video over the official video because I’m pretty sure this is the tour (not this specific concert) that I saw with hubby. Stage looks the same but I’d really need to see the balloons at the end to know for sure.

Kirk drives this song and gives it life. You just feel it in your soul.

So while I haven’t been writing, I’ve been keeping up with a little project in a FB group which takes less time every day. Then, you know, work, and banging my head on my desk about my own stupidity and connecting to the wrong database. Well, hell, it’s time for dinner and chillin’ and QT. I need more time in the day and I’m going to find it with my planner.

During my ill-fated time as a Realtor, I started loving the hell outta my planner. All pretty lines and colors and erasable ink and time management goals. It didn’t always work, but I liked feeling like it should work. That wasn’t the first time for planners though. When I think more about it, I’ve been using them on and off since my manager days at Don Pablo’s.

Those were some of the most hilarious and ridiculous times of my life. Not quite on par with the Club Med days, but a jolly runner-up. The stories…well, maybe I’ll put them all in a blog or a book some day. For both places, lol. One of the absolutely most tame but still make-me-smile memories was our “who gets the night closed out the fastest” competitions in management. It’s a numbers game and I know numbers. I got that down to be on par with the fastest of the experienced managers. Why were we in such a rush, you ask? Well, pride, for one. I mean, we couldn’t leave until the kitchen was finished regardless. We were also all ready to just unwind, debrief, and laugh among friends and the sooner that happened, the better.

Adding daily yoga back into my schedule is definitely going to be nothing but a positive. I’m already learning new things to make everything feel better so at some point down the road, I might actually have a decent ROM in all of my joints. Excitement!

You don’t need a novel. Your attention span isn’t that long. See you next time.

Say What?