Some days, I get stuck finding a video to put at the beginning of the post. I could simply not have music. I mean, it’s really just for me, but so is this whole blog. And of course, for you, dear reader. All two (on a good day) of you. 🙂 You’re appreciated.

This is how I’m feeling this morning, though. All the days won’t be perfect, so I’m trying to stand the rain. Truly, is there something wrong? No, not physically, for the most part, not mentally or emotionally, but some days, I just have to put in a little more work to get that umbrella up.

It’s now twenty til one. This is another thing that happens often. I’ll start writing something and then get so super sidetracked that I might have started the race in Talladega but I’m finishing in Homestead. That’s right, I know like three NASCAR things. Go Bubba.

All of the morning’s angst has dissipated as it usually does by this time of day. As I look back on it, I think I was just in a ‘doing too much’ funk for a moment. I was sore from new exercises (where I damn near blew out both my quads, but ok) and a lot of them. It’s important to realize that I need a day off from exercise, even if what I’m doing isn’t all weights and cardio. Yoga, and especially Rocket, is a freaking workout! Every now and then, I also need to get off my own case. I was feeling quite down on myself that I didn’t want to do any sun salutations this morning. And for a while, I didn’t. I searched for that video up there, watched a few more NE videos, then a Jamie Foxx speech, and I almost got lost down the wormhole. Just in the nick of time, I turned off YouTube and hit the mat.

That’s all I’ve got today. Bits and pieces. Hasta la pasta.

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