You Know What Day It Is

Wake up, wake up

Yes indeed. It’s the first of the month once again. And it’s usually when I make a blog post and promise that I’m going to be better at writing more frequently. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I know that never happens, but I keep leaving this space open so I can keep lying to myself every month. For real. My last blog post was in July. I’m a damn mess.

But hey, I’m still here. It’s a new month and I get to try again.

I had this thought of just doing a brain dump for 20 straight minutes, but trying to do that in the middle of the day doesn’t work out so well. Damn work thinking they can interrupt me with….damn work! I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. Novel idea, right? I actually like my boss. That’s only happened twice before. Now that has me thinking though. I’ve had plenty of bosses, but I’m only going to think about the ones in the corporate settings. *rolls through mental resume*

First, I haven’t had as many jobs as I thought when I take out things that weren’t sitting at a desk. Most likely I’ve had more jobs than most people have in that timeframe (seven in OMG twenty years) but upward mobility is a thing and I used it to make more money. Shoot me.

Anyway, it went like this as far as bosses:

  • Ditz/Insecure wench
  • Person who never even spoke to me
  • Pervert
  • Weirdo/Weirdo/AWESOMESAUCE/Weirdo
  • Super chill/Bitch from hell

The lines that have slashes mean that I had more than one boss in a place due to changing my role within the company. So yeah, if you were my boss and you’re reading this, you can probably figure out where you land. And if your name isn’t Amy, Jane, or Sandy, you aren’t awesomesauce.

I know you aren’t wondering, but this is what living with me is like. Three sentences on one topic before I jump to something completely different and random and wonder why you didn’t make the transition with me. It’s also kinda what being my friend is like too. Except there are also massive amounts of time where I just go missing. I’m still here and I’m probably still checking up on you in some form, I just don’t have the energy for a full-on conversation. So yeah, I’m not an asshole…most of the time…I just need recharge time.

On the topic of time, I never seem to have enough. I know that isn’t actually true because I waste a ton of time. When I switch my mindset, I know that I need to rid myself of or limit my access to time wasters. First stop, motherfucking match 3 games on my phone. I am the worst with those. I tell myself that I’m keeping my brain active. I am lying. That step is done. They are gone. Now I only have one game on my phone and that’s a daily logic puzzle so I actually am keeping my brain active. I swear I need a shock collar to give myself a kick in the ass. I have great plans…..then I get sidetracked with nonsense. That’s the next stop. No more nonsense. I have plans. I have things to do. And I really ought to get them done. They’re even in a list. Eight main items for daily and two side quests to try to achieve a couple times a week.

Does eight tasks a day seem like a lot? I mean, it’s really only one task per hour of a work day. Not that I’m doing them (all) during my work day, but no, the answer is no, it isn’t a lot. What are the things? Fine. You’re not really interested, but they are exercise, yoga, learn to twerk (lol, yes), meditate, stretch, write, read, and a flow toy session. The others are pole, FabPole, and handstands. Yes that’s three but the pole things go together in my book.

And this, my friends, is why I don’t get things written. It’s already 5 o’clock and now I have to run off to do other things like cook dinner. Weeeee! Let’s see if I make it back tomorrow for another round.

Say What?