Awwwww shit. Two days in a row! And that means absolutely nothing. Even though it’s likely that I’ll make it through the week, weekends have been and continue to be my downfall. That’s truly terrible. It isn’t as though my job is so stressful that I need some major relaxation on the weekends.

Sidebar: Remember yesterday I was talking about AWESOMESAUCE bosses? Well, today, current boss emailed me this morning with kudos on a catch I made a couple weeks ago that the customer’s IT dept hadn’t caught. In the thread, she had even stated that I found it. If you’re in corporate America, you know that this isn’t the norm, unfortunately. Again, big ups to the current boss lady. Who will probably never see this.

I fall into these habits of just lazing around the house. I mean, after I teach and we grocery shop and clean the house every other weekend. The couch is my mortal enemy (and the new one will be here in the next 60 days so I will have a new comfortable battle to fight but that’s another story) and I struggle to escape its comfy grasp, however I know that I can prevail.

On to today’s topic: silence.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that most people live in either the silence camp or the background noise camp. Or perhaps you have a preference for different situations. Personally, I’m pretty strong on team STFU. Oooh, I wonder if this preference correlates with the setting in which you grew up. I’m a country girl and I prefer silence. Hubby is a city boy and prefers background noise. Has this been proven yet or am I just science-ing it up over here? SCIENCE!

It isn’t like I never want sound in my life. I’m not that strange. Cooking? Cleaning? Dancing? Working out? Movement in general? Yep, pump up the jams. Working? Reading? Sleep? Please shut it all down. Even right now, as I write this, I have music in my headphones and that’s probably why it’s taking me well over an hour to finish this one post. I get sidetracked because I’ll hear a lyric and go off on a tangent and get sucked into some YouTube or other hole and forget what I was doing. Hey look, a squirrel!

I started to chastise myself about jumping around from topic to topic here, but stream of consciousness is how I do things. Perhaps if I can get back into the groove of writing regularly, I’ll start to make sense again, but until then it seems like these posts will just be brain dumps. *shrugs*

And with that, on to the next topic, lol. Back in July, I completed a 100 hour yoga training in a facet of Ashtanga yoga called Rocket yoga. I kept up with my practice fairly consistently through August but then I fell off. I’ve been focused on weighted cardio for the last few months, but my body has been looking for something different. I had a, wait for it, limiting belief (yeah, only some people will get that but that’s ok, it’s for those that do, lol) that I couldn’t get both done because there simply wasn’t enough time in my day.

Well, the lie detector test revealed that this was a lie. When I simply sat down and wrote down the things that I wanted to do and the time in which I had to do them, I found that I did indeed have time if I just stopped fucking around.

In case you aren’t familiar, Ashtanga and Rocket are not what most people think of when they hear yoga. It is, of course, the same poses that one would traditionally see, but the sequencing is different and specific and kicks you square in your lily white ass. Notice I said YOUR ass because I didn’t describe MY ass. In regards to MY ass, it was sore along with many other parts of my body after jumping back in to practice. But after three days back in, muscle memory has kicked back in and I’m feeling less sore and more floaty.

The plan is to keep hitting up the yoga for this month and then add the weighted cardio back in when we hit the new year. You might not know me, but I know me and I gotta add stuff in a little at a time or I blow the whole thing up and go back to zero. If you remember yesterday I mentioned my eight things to do daily. I hit them all but one yesterday. Aiming for all of them today. Wish me luck and come back tomorrow to see how I did. 🙂

Say What?