Put In A Box

Step One: Cut A Hole In The Box

You might be asking yourself, “Isn’t it a little bit early for ‘Dick In A Box’?” and the answer is no, it’s never too early. Also, there’s a holiday coming up and some people need gift ideas.

Take a walk down the memory lane of this morning and how we got to Dick In A Box before 9am. (Yes, that’s when I started this post and I bet it doesn’t get completed before noon.)

  • Email arrives to remind me to write a blog post
  • I realize that I ran out of things to write about after two days of writing
  • I realize that I have a document that has a year’s worth of writing prompts and I just have to find it
  • Search my Drive for the document but get sidetracked by another document about my Sparktype (more about that later)
  • Brain goes wacky thinking about Sparktype, archetype, enneagram, personality type, Myers-Briggs, and the zodiac
  • All these things to “describe” but are they just pushing you into a corner
  • Ok, that’s a good jump-off point for a post
  • Now I need a song (I swear, some days I didn’t post because I couldn’t find the “perfect” song)
  • Look for songs about types or my type of girl but not getting what I want
  • Look for songs about being put in a box
  • Dick In A Box is on the list
  • Watch the video three times
  • Try to get my laughter under control
  • Ok, let’s post

I honestly think like that all the time. It’s a miracle that I ever get anything done.

Ok, back to getting put in the box. I identify as the following:

  • Sparktype: This one has a light (thing that shows up most strongly) and a shadow (the runner-up thing). Light first.
    • Performer: I gotta express myself in some physical way. I feel good when I get to do it. I’m not about feeling stifled or being controlled.
    • Maven: I live to learn new shit and am cool with being a Jill of all trades (mistress of none). I feel good when I’m learning new shit. I can’t stand when I get stuck not getting to do deep dives on shit that interests me.
  • Archetype: I guess that one is never just one thing when it comes to archetypes. I’m a mix of these three.
    • Athlete: Important to stay healthy and fit.
    • Intellectual: I’m good for making you think with my questions and comments.
    • Explorer: I take journeys, not vacations.
  • Enneagram: I’m a healthy mix of a few different ones here, but the winner is…..
    • SEVEN: The Enthusiast – I wanna have as much fun and adventure as possible and I’m easily bored.
  • Personality type: Ooooh, these get types AND sub-types!
    • Top level: Analyst
    • Sub level: Debater – Smart and curious thinker that can’t resist an intellectual challenge
  • Myers-Briggs: I’m sure you all know this alphabet soup.
    • ENTP: Let’s just leave this one at extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and prospecting/perceiving.
  • Zodiac: It’s my season.
    • Sagittarius: The Archer. I’ll never tire of repeating this.
    • I walk the high wire without a net across active volcanoes – blindfolded, spinning stacks of plates, holding a burning torch in my teeth. I want everyone to love and adore me as much as I do myself, then I can stop hating myself for not being all things to all people. I’m fiercely allergic to fraud and injustice and I’ll rip the mask off even the most pathetic imposter with relish. I give all my best things away and expect this and more from people I love. I know precisely how to hurt anyone, especially myself. Believe in me, and I’ll sell my soul for you. – Jane V. Limes, “How to be a Sagittarius”

Wow. That’s a lot to process. Kudos if you’re still here. And if you are, you should feel like you know me pretty well. If you do actually know me, how many of those boxes am I in and how many do I need to bust the hell out of?

What is one to take from all of this information that dives so deep into my psyche through the internet? I’ve actually had to take these sorts of tests in job settings. Behavioral tests before jobs (like restaurant manager – they asked if I thought food fights were funny – OF COURSE THEY ARE! – but I know that’s the wrong answer so you got the expected answer and I got the job) and personality tests during jobs (there was a color one too – I think I was a blue – I clashed with the rest of the team).

I suppose you take from it what you want. The picture all of these things paint are a pretty decent person so I suppose it’s ok. Don’t worry, I’m not over here living my every moment by these things. Being a Sagittarius is the only one I can always just rattle off. The others took a little looking through my burner email account, lol.

At the end of the day, it’s fun and maybe it shows you a little insight into yourself since we don’t all have the ability to take that look inside. It’s a skill that everyone should cultivate. You know, clean your own house before you talk shit about someone else’s dirty floor. And with that, I’m out.

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