But it’s still dark!!

That was my first thought when Lovey woke me up this morning.  I couldn't quite figure out why: a) he was awake, b) he was waking me when it was still dark because c) it's Saturday.


Last night I was taking care of some homework and I was looking for some information.  Lovey asked what I was up to (he already had this class) so I told him.  Basically, the question said to pick one of the three below to discuss and of course, I didn't read it so I had done number one and was heading on to number two.  "Hey, did you read this?"  Um, sure.  "Then why are you doing more work than you have to?"  Ahh, Lovey, waker-upper and saver of too much work.

Today is a good day.  Work till noon, eye doctor for contact fitting (if I can keep. my. composure.) at 2:30, massage for the girls at 4:30, and then follow-up at 5 to (hopefully) get the all clear to get back to exercising.  I still can't do any weights in the upper body area for another two weeks, but at least I can get back on the cardio wagon.

Would you like to hear a story boys and girls?  One about being sick and not having insurance, racking up a huge bill and paying it off in installments?

Yeah, before I had insurance, I got sick, likely from something in the air at work.  I was just sucking it up until the day that I felt like there was an elephant sitting on my chest and I was having a heck of a time breathing.  Emergency Room, here I come, circa January 2005.

Flash forward three years when I'm STILL paying this bill.  Hey, they don't report my timely payments to any credit agency and there's no interest, so I'm really in no rush to take care of it.  Anywho, they have my bank info so that they can automatically take out the payment monthly.  Do you think they could get it right?  Nope.  One month, they take it out early so I had to call and bitch…they're lucky they didn't cause an overdraft.  The kicker is that quite often, I have to call them to REMIND them to take out the payment.  They've been as far as two months behind.  Only in Miami would you have to call a collection agency on several occasions to beg them to take your money.

I've screamed at some poor people in that office, and yet nothing helps.  Today the lady said she was sorry (yet again and at this point, your apologies mean nothing) and that it was an embarassment (nooooo, really?) to the company.  What I'm really hoping for, in my silly head, is that they'll just get tired of me calling and say, SCREW IT, your account is closed.  We're even.  Yeah, right.

And that's the story of Miamishyner getting sick in Miami.

Bye for now.  I think I need to do some wedding research today.  If I get around to it, I may post some findings over at the other site.

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  1. *sigh* and yours is somehow a happy ending for Tales of the Uninsured. At least you're still able to make payments and it hasn't sent you into bankruptcy, even if it is driving you batshit.

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