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    Lookit me, ma! I’m cross-posting!

    I'm way too lazy to type things out twice, you can venture over to the other blog to see why I'm pulling my hair out.

    I guess this isn't technically cross-posting.

    Hey, there's four days left until Cirque and I MUST find a cute outfit.  It's a celebration after all.

    Thursday I'm going to check out getting contacts.  Why?  Well, partially because I'm getting rather blind without my glasses and mainly because I'm so vain.  I think I look so much cuter without my glasses on.  And I miss having cute sunglasses.  All I have now are yucky clip ons that go over my regular glasses.

    I. Am. Skerred.  The thought of something hanging out in my eye kinda freaks me out, but vanity will win over chickenshit-ness.

    ………………really? First, put your phone on vibrate.  This is an office.  Second, if you're having a business conversation, don't tell the person to wait while you answer your PERSONAL PHONE!……………………

    Do you know that one night I dreamt of the formula for love?  Like it could be worked out mathmatically.  Of course, as with all the good dreams, that formula danced on the edge of the memory cliff and slipped off before I could remember it and get it written down.  Bad dreams stick around forever.  Bastards.

    Btw, if you're interested in this sort of thing, the girls are doing fine.  I think that all swelling has subsided.  I'm sure I got out of this way better off than 90% of people who have it done and I'm thankful for that.

    And with that, I leave you until later.

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    All the nothing and nothing more

    I've had several nightmare-free nights of sleep and it's been wonderful.  There really is nothing like a new mattress.  I'm going to proceed with my suspicions and blame the nightmares on something I ate, namely roasted chicken from Winn Dixie.  We ate it on Sunday night and I had nightmares.  We ate leftovers on Monday night and again I had nightmares.  Tuesday we had pork chops and a perfectly sound sleep.  No more Winn Dixie chicken for me.

    I performed my civic duty on Tuesday.  My voting center is an assisted-living facility or at least I think that's what that building is.  The area in which I live is primarily Republican.  The vast majority of the older crowd is definitely Republican.  I'm okay with that even though they're holding up progress.  What I'm not okay with is the lady working the polls not being okay with my political affiliation.  She looked me up and had me sign and then looked again, saw that I'm a registered Democrat and said (in a super bitchy way) "Oh, you're a Democrat" like being a Democrat is equal to being a serial killer.  No, I didn't report her and I didn't punch her in the face.  Why fight with the old?  I don't want to be the cause of her heart attack.

    I got a nice new shiny screen for my laptop as the other one decided to go BLAH.  Be accident or on purpose, I paid for a regular screen and got a glossy.  Hooray for semi-freebies.  It is taking me a while to adjust to the shiny screen though.

    Last, I would appreciate it if you're awake tomorrow at about 9:30am EST, send some good vibes my way.

    Lurve my Voxers.  Are you listo?  HEP!

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    2008: Almost 1/12th over already

    Yeah, how about that number?  Certainly not as bad as: 34, life's approaching half over.  A little dark this morning?  Yes.  But dark with a smile. 🙂

    So seeing as how we're almost done with this first month already, I thought that I would revisit my 2008 goals and see how I'm doing.

    1. Learn to speak Spanish – Right.  I've really been slacking on this one although there is more Spanish being spoken in the house recently.
    2. Attain the body that I want to have – I had it for a few days.  Nothing like a vacation in which you LOSE weight while still eating like a piggy.  Now I'm all fat and bloated again and I really have to start working out.  Thank you, Cosmo, and magazines in the same line for making me think that I need to be thinner than I am.  Screw you anyways.
    3. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up – CHALLENGE COMPLETED!  I really don't know why it even took me so long to realize this one.  I've always had a morbid fascination with crime, crime scene, and investigations, hence my love of stuff like Law and Order, CourtTV (now trutv), Dr G: Medical Examiner, and a host of Patricia Cornwell books.  Why not put it to use?  Shooting to be some sort of CSI.
    4. Get back to school – CHALLENGE COMPLETED!  I am officially enrolled in an online university and should begin my classes in early February if all goes through with the financial aid.  I will be first completing my Associates in Business Administration (there ya go boss lady, good enough for ya?) and following that with my Bachelors in Criminal Justice.  Go me!  I'm excited about this.
    5. A year and a day – The time in February has not come yet.  Excused.
    6. Work from home – I'm still driving into the office.  It's still driving me crazy.
    7. Write more – BAD Shyner.  I haven't written much of anything although things keep popping into my head, mostly in dreams.  That formula for love is just out of my grasp.  Maybe I can drink it into reach.  HA!

    Okay, so 2 down, 4 in progress and one not started.  Not to terribly bad but nothing great either.  Must.  Try.  Harder.  And I will.  Happy Tuesday folks.

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