Breaking It Down On Day 2

Welcome back aboard the Navigator of the Seas. I’m your cruise director and here’s a wrapup of yesterday’s activities.

Fresh squeezed orange juice. Do you know how much I absolutely HATED it when someone ordered this when I was bartending in Sandpiper? With every fiber of my being is the answer and yet, I’m an asshole and I order it every morning because it’s included in my drink package and I have to have at least $20 a day in OJ and bubble water and bottles of water and Starbucks to make this worth it. I’m doing ok so far, I believe. I’m going to have to try waiting in line for them to make my eggs as I wasn’t in love with the scrambled. But who am I kidding, I’m an egg snob and I like them to taste the way they do when I make them, lol. This is why I want to have a breakfast restaurant. All breakfast, all the time. Eggs, and bacon and hash browns and waffles and p-cakes (Ant shoutout) and French toast and grits and oatmeal. Man, I love breakfast. Anywho…

I had been reading up on people’s reviews of the ship and any little secrets I could find out before we came on board. Through this reading up I found a Facebook group and another group and found out that there would be a get-together here on the ship with RAFFLE PRIZES. Yeah, I’m all about getting something for free, even if it’s just the chance for free stuff. Off we went at party time to check out a part of the ship that we hadn’t yet seen. Cute little nightclub area. We dropped in out raffle tickets and had some punch. Some neat little stuff that was given away – mostly all RC branded stuff, but that’s to be expected. Hats, visors, shoulder bags, beach bags, a diamond pendant(!), and the thing I wanted the most, a bottle of champagne. Won it!

Rained quite a bit yesterday and I managed to not fall down any stairs so I call that a win. The show was one of the best I’ve seen on an RCCL ship. Really funny guy who did an Elton John show complete with flamboyant outfits. On that entertainment point, I was certainly spoiled by Club Med. My expectations are high which leaves me disappointed almost every time. Not by this guy though, and not by the comedian during his adult late night show. Funny guy also.

Still rocking out my vegetable love. Probably a little heavy on the potatoes, but they make them so many ways and they’ve all been good. And I just love potatoes. I cannot help myself.

I think that the best part of the night was checking out the outfits on the dance floor in the nightclub. It was formal night and, while some folks get dressed for their pictures and then go change (like us), some folks just stay dressed all night. This was the case with Captain Fly Katt Williams Wannabe Without The Hair. Brother man was rocking out his cobalt blue pants with his matching blue and white striped shirt AND his matching blue fedora. He’s gotta be 60, easy. And let me tell you, when Flo Rida says low, low, low, low, low, low, low, that is where Captain went. I should’ve videotaped it. It was awesome.

We’re still out on the water for another day. There are certainly some fun things coming up in the next few days. You’re gonna want to stay tuned. Until tomorrow.

Weekend – Part 2

It isn’t the weekend if I don’t have something om nom nommy to eat.  A couple of weekends ago when our air conditioner died, we stumbled across this great pizza place tucked away, well, right by the 1st Bank Center.  You would think that wouldn’t make it tucked away, but it does in its own oddly cool little way.

Protos is just yum.  With their outside seating with great sunset views, their funky interior and a bar that sports a garage door-type opening that allows service to the outside, Protos has become our favorite, albeit expensive, pizza place.  (No, wait, maybe not.  2 alcoholic beverages, an appetizer, what equates to 2 entrees, and then 2 desserts….I guess what we paid was reasonable.)

We started out with some sangria.  They aren’t stingy with the wine in that.  Love the little apple chunks in there that provide a little extra tartness after gulping down all of the sangria.  We split a tomato and mozzarella salad.  I’m not 100% sure but I think they make their own cheese there and my goodness is it tasty.  They give it just a slight sprinkle of sea salt and when you get that one mouthful with the balsamic, the cheese, the tomato and that little taste of salt……heaven!

And then there was the pizza.  This was our second time at Protos.  The first time we got one medium pizza.  This time we opted for two smalls.  It’s literally so delicious that we could eat two mediums, but then we wouldn’t have room for dessert.  The pies: one hula, one white to which we added bacon, spinach, and artichoke hearts.  The hula is their Hawaiian.  It’s fantastic.  The pineapples are fresh, no canned stuff here.  The sliced ham seems more like Canadian bacon and it’s the perfect balance of salt and sweet.

The crust.   Oh, the crust!  It’s thin and crunchy and just so damn tasty.   I like to keep my salad plate with the leftover balsamic vinegar to dip my crust in.  It’s so good it could be an appetizer.  Please, Protos?  Brush a small crust with some of that garlic-infused olive oil and bake it up.  Serve it with a side of balsamic and olive oil.  I’ll buy it; I promise.

Now that there isn’t a crumb left on a plate, it’s time for something sweet.  Not just one something sweet, but one each.  Splurge!  We knew from the last visit that the cannoli would be a win.  The outside is crunchy and flaky and not the least bit soggy anywhere.  The inside?  Ohhhh, my.  A few chocolate chips sprinkled on each end and just oozing with the yummiest, creamiest, sweetest but not overly sweet, just kissed with lemon ricotta you’ll ever taste.  Total mouthgasm.

Since we were splurging, we also had a chocolate tartuffo.  Neither of us had ever heard of this, but of course it didn’t stop us from trying it and thank goodness that we’re adventurous because man, was it good.  Picture a small ball of vanilla gelato with some delicious but unknown flavor just giving your tastebuds butterfly kisses.  Now, wrap that in a wonderful chocolate gelato.  Roll that in a chocolate powder (that really tastes like Nestle Quik) with crushed hazelnuts.  Sit that on a plate drizzled with a bit of chocolate syrup.  WOW!  And honestly, I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, but this was just the right amount and it wasn’t super sweet which I think is what made it more tolerable.

All in all, a great dinner in a great little spot to which I’m sure we’ll return.

In a much less wordy piece of food information, Silk Vanilla Almond milk with Special K Cinnamon Pecan cereal is the shiz-nit.

Did you ever get that feeling?

You know, the one where something just isn't right?

I had that one this morning and was having a really hard time shaking it off.  So I started thinking about my day.  Slept an hour later than usual because I decided to skip the gym today.  Went downstairs to make breakfast only to find that our pooch (who is getting up there in years) released the pee monster on the floor.  Ugh.  Went about my mopping and threw her blankie in the washer.

Went upstairs and stared into the closet.  Lots of clothes, nothing to wear.  I know, I know.  Finally figured it out and was only a couple minutes "late" for work.  Still feeling some hidden blah so I called MommaShyner (she's all good) and BruddaShyner (he's all good too).  Kiddo's safe at school.  Lovey's at work.  All is more or less right in my universe.

My horoscope for today said:

With your credit cards maxed out you may be thinking that your bank account is not as healthy as it could be. But today you are likely to receive some news that indicates otherwise. You may get a windfall of some kind, or discover that your stock portfolio is generating healthy returns. It's a good day for paperwork. Enjoy this great day!

Well, fortunately, my cards aren't maxed out, but I can certainly feel the part about the bank account.  She's not overdrawn by any means, she would just like some friends in there.  I wonder if I won some lottery money last night.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm all thrown off because I didn't go to the gym this morning and I had no plans of going this evening.  Withdrawl!!  I may be turning into some sort of gym rat.  I found a Krav Maga class (thanks for mentioning that a while back, LeendaDLL) and I am going for the first time next week.  That puts me at the gym every weekday.  At least the membership won't be going to waste.

I've been trying to eat a little better, so this week, my meals have gone a little something like this:

  • Breakfast – Egg Beaters with a slice of 2% American (mmmm, processed cheese)
  • Snack 1 – Cottage cheese with fruit
  • Lunch – Spinach salad with peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers, grated parm and light balsamic viniagrette
  • Snack 2 – Yogurt
  • Dinner – Either orange roughy or salmon with a smidge of a veggie
  • Sometimes a snack 3 – Spoon of peanut butter

A day or two ago, I started craving red meat.  Odd because I don't usually eat it – it makes my tummy hurt.  Today I decided that I HAD to have it or I might start gnawing on my arm.  Oh McDonalds.  So convenient.  So greasy.  So delicious.  Or at least I think you were delicious because I am quite certain that I didn't even chew that double cheeseburger.  I did, however, chew my salad.  I think I can be red meat free once again for another couple months.

That's pretty much all I've got for today.  Sometimes I just need to get stuff out of my head, you know?  I'm off for now.  Gotta go get the girls their 2 month checkup.  Hope all is well with all of you.


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Life bits

Tids and bits about stuff that goes on.

  • Sunday at breakfast, we were being treated to the best of Sirius Love, crappiest love songs ever.  I Don't Know Much by the legendary Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt came on.  Of course, Kiddo knows nothing of this song.  Crap, a couple of you might not either.  Anyway, I was doing the second verse during the first (Linda's part) and Kiddo couldn't figure out why I was doing it.  Until, of course, the second verse rolled around and she nearly shot cafe con leche out her nose.
  • Oooh, Cirque was awesome on Saturday.  That deserves its own post later.  Ewww, saw a scary dude from work during intermission.  Blecch.
  • Went to the reptile shop on Sunday to get some food for the snake.  There was the cutest little girl in there, walking around holding a pinkie (super baby rat).  And she kept saying that she wanted to give it to Noodle.  Took a second for me to figure out that Noodle was one of the snakes.  Most awesome name for a pet snake ever!
  • Man we had some fantastic sushi on Saturday night.  And egg rolls.  And pad thai.  And thai donuts.  OMG delicious.


Oh, and it's 99% official now.  5/22/10 is the day we take over Vegas. 🙂

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2/30 – Daylight Savings Time

My recent problem which is getting worse is that I no longer know when I am hungry.  I eat at work at specific times, but not because I'm hungry.  On weekends, I just kind of forget to eat.  The only way I realize that I'm probably hungry is the nasty headache and a bit of an upset stomach.  I don't know if this is a symptom of something, but I'm trying not to let WebMD rule my life.

Last night I told Kiddo before bed that we would be going to Denny's this morning for breakfast so to be ready to go at 10.  At 8:30 I woke up to a viciously pounding headache along with a good bit of nausea.  I trucked off to the bathroom and noticed that her door was cracked and the light and TV were on.  I knocked and peeked in to find her sitting on the floor, fully dressed, watching TV.  She looked at me slightly confused (since I was still in my bathrobe) and all I could say was "Forgot to turn your clock back, huh?"  The look was priceless.

We ended up leaving a little earlier than 10 because I really needed to get some food in me.  Over to Denny's we went, since we all know that I hate IHOP.  It was about a 15 minute wait, which I can deal with.  Every time we've gone in there, the same guy is at the host stand taking names and getting asses in seats.  Today, he was MIA.  Insert train wreck here.

We finally got a seat and watched 4 different waitresses walk past us and not a one said a word to us.  I'm hungry and therefore pretty annoyed.  After 5 minutes, I was past annoyed.  We agreed that if we didn't have someone at least speaking to us in the next 5, we were gonna give up the fight.  Right then, I also called Sergio's, the most rockin' Cuban restaurant EVER!  They just don't speak a lot of English.  Someone picked up and I tried to ask them how long the wait was.  I got put on hold as I could hear the girl who answered the phone yelling "ENGLISH!!"  Not funny then, very funny now.  Someone finally came on and I asked how long for a table of three.  He said that he had three people on the list right now and he would put me on but I had to PROMISE that I would be there in five minutes.  I told him we'd be there in three.

Still never having seen a waitress to get as much as some silverware or a glass of water, we walked out.  I have never done that before in my life.  Sergio's in only a few blocks away from Denny's and Kiddo and I got out while Lovey parked the car.  We had barely walked in the place when they were calling us for our table.  Less than 2 minutes and we had water.  Another minute and we had silverware.  We had barely finished looking at the menu when our waitress was there to take our order.  Oh how I love you cafe con leche.  Less than 2 minutes and we had our coffee.  I am not exaggerating when I say it was less than 5 minutes before we had all of our food.  That's right.  In less time than it took to get seated an aggravated at Denny's, we had been seated, served, and were almost finished eating.

Btw, if you're ever in Miami and you go to Sergio's (and I suggest it), be aware that when they say you're getting two scrambled eggs, you're really getting somewhere in the neighborhood of five.  All full of cheese with a side of bacon and the hugest piece of toasty, buttery Cuban bread ever.  Artery clogging?  Yes,  Delicious and well worth it?  Hell yes.

My boys don't play till tomorrow so I went to do a little shopping today.  Hi Macy's.  I love when the things I want are 40% off and on top of that you let me use my coupon for another 30% off.  I think I got 4 tops and 2 skirts for about a C-note.

Lovey's aunt made some delicioso chicken with onions and peppers.  I love peppers.  I can't wait to eat it.  Sometimes I think she's trying to fatten me up since they're always telling me (and Lovey) that I'm too skinny.  Ah well.  I don't have that badonkadonk butt, but I can deal with that. 🙂

Oh yeah, last thing.  Today was the last day of early voting.  On my way to the mall, I drove by the place we voted.  The line was wrapped all the way around the library.  I'm thinking it had to have been at least a five hour wait.  People are serious about some voting down here!  I think I'm gonna need to do some volunteering in these last couple of days.

That's all I've got for you today…as if I didn't ramble enough.  I hope that you've all enjoyed your weekend.  See you again tomorrow for more misadventures of the house of Shyne.  MWAH!

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