Things on Tuesday – The Pole Dance Edition

Mmmmm, writing prompts are delicious. Without further ado…

Nailing that new move

  • Six packs – Both of beer and the abs I can almost see…first thing in the morning after I haven’t eaten for more than 10 hours.
  • Saving lives – Signed up to get CPR (re)certified this weekend.  I get AED training too.  Lookout y’all, I’m talented!
  • Sharing the love – Teaching two classes this week! Yay! Also getting my own pole love in today in studio.
  • Office Friday – I get two a week since the return of Work From Home Wednesday.  The first one doesn’t bring a weekend, but it does afford me the opportunity to control the heat and wear (or not wear) whatever I want.
  • Colorado – I just love you.
  • Mini vacation – Aaaand before we turn around, it’ll be time to go to Florida.  Looking forward to coffee on the porch, seeing some folks, doing some writing, but probably not relaxing, lol.  If the weather’s nice though, maybe we get out on the boat.
Bruises and missing skin
  • Ants and spiders – Where the hell did they all come from?!?!  I know it’s getting cold out and they want somewhere warm to go, but that is NOT inside my house!  Spiders are smart; they run when they see me coming.  Ants just kinda hang out and that’s why they die.  Sorry guys.
  • Hackers – Someone hacked my iTunes account (why don’t I just close that?!?!  It isn’t as though I’m EVAR going back to an iPhone, and Spotify is much more handy for me than iTunes anyway).  Jerks.  Disputed.  Thanks for the email, iTunes, that says my account was accessed by someone in a country that was just characters.  Ever think about not putting that transaction through?  Whatevs.  Android awaaaaaaaaayy!
  • Herman Cain, PSU, asteroid close encounters – WTF man.
Get your things on; it’s Tuesday!

Say What?