The Journey Begins

Well hey there reading friends. How ya been? I know that I go and leave you all alone with no warning after I get you into a habit of checking what silly shit fell outta my brain on any given day, and for that, I apologize. Will I do it again? Oh, 100%. But that’s simply how I roll so round off your edges and just roll along with me.

What’s with the 30 days, you might ask? Well, for as long as I’ve been doing these Beachbody workouts, I’ve always heard about Shakeology. I did try it twice before and it wasn’t my jam. BUT, for the sake of research and actually seeing if it makes a difference in me personally, I decided to suck it up and try to have one of these shakes every day for a month. I’m going to make my best effort to blog about it daily, although it’s highly likely that Sundays will be a rest day for writing the same as they are for working out.

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t that there are several different flavors of Shakeology. I tried four of them and decided that vanilla would be my best bet for this trial. While chocolate seems to have more recipes, I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate and fruit seemed like it would go better with vanilla. In that vein, I stocked up on my frozen fruit. For the beginning of the challenge, I have strawberries, blackberries, mango, banana, and peaches. I think that fruit can always use a little spicing up, so for that there’s the always available cinnamon, honey, and some crystallized ginger.

I started the week with just strawberries. It isn’t that the shake has a bad flavor. It is, however, pretty whey forward. Which leads me to wonder if I should try the vegan one since it’s made differently, but I digress. I feel fairly certain (no I didn’t read the label) that there isn’t caffeine in this, per se, but there is definitely something in there that gives me a somewhat caffeinated feeling. It’s made with Madagascar vanilla but I feel like it could still use more. Mmmm, might have to get some Mexican vanilla extract, ooh look a squirrel! Anyways, day 1 shake has been consumed.

When you get an order of Shakeology, you get a tracker to see how you’re feeling over the course of the month. They touch on four topics: energy, cravings, mood, regularity. Over the course of the next 29 days, I’ll keep track of those four things plus trying to make sure I get 64 ounces of water a day. Yes, I’m legit gonna talk about pooping. Hooray!

The first one here, energy, is going to be interesting. Why? I don’t usually have energy drains. I have a schedule and my body is pretty accustomed to it. We get up at 5:30 and we’re back in the bed by 10. Sleep is key. Like I said, I feel as though there is something energizing in the shake, how much it affects me remains to be seen.

Next up is cravings. Again, kind of a weird spot for me. I’ve trained my body and mind to know that we know what we’re gonna eat and when we’re gonna eat it. I’m not someone who has a sweet tooth – I am really picky about my sweets. I will admit to having cravings for steak about once a month. You go ahead and do that math. That’s actually calmed down also now that I’m on my iron pills.

MWAHAHAHAHAHA MOOOOOOOOOD! If we were at two years ago, if we were at 4 years ago, my mood would, without a doubt, be something I needed to take a look at. However, current day, I work from home so no traffic and no germy office. I don’t have to be concerned with what I wear to work. I can step outside for fresh air any and every time I feel like it. If I need a day off, I can take it and no one is an asshole about it. If I’m simply not feeling well, they say go lay down. It’s kinda like working for family (with that every now and then annoying cousin popping in). Perhaps the hubby should be the better monitor of my moods, lol.

SHIT! Hahahahahaha, oh yes, I’m a child. 30 days of hearing about my poop. Are you not excited?!?! For the sake of the science, I’m a one-a-day’er mostly. Right about 5:45 before I can work out, lol. Every now and then, I’ll catch a second visit to the porcelain lair if I’ve had a particularly strong coffee. But yeah, I’m pretty regular.

All of those things, we’ll see how they go, but the most important ones for me are the scale numbers. Pounds and percents. Today I’m at 137.6 and 27.8. I would love to see some magic at the end of this 30 days. I’m going to be eating well (that doesn’t change), drinking lots of water, exercising my ass off (nope, exercising one ON), and having these shakes. My first goals are 130 and 26. (Next goal is to stay there) I invite you to read along, ask questions, or maybe even join in? Until we meet again….

Say What?