Think Green

No, not recycling, although I encourage you to do so as well. Today, I think green where most people would think red, and that is within the heart chakra. I won’t attempt to give an explanation of chakras as my knowledge is extremely limited. Instead, if you are interested, click here to read more about them, or just use the Google uber-powers for more information.

It is so very interesting to me that someone who did not know my name until this morning could see so many things about me, simply by being open and aware in her own practice.  Perhaps you recall my mentioning the meditation. On Sunday morning, freshly prepared with a guided meditation, I laid in my bed, listening, and trying to relax. While the notes said that the duration was approximately 25 minutes, it literally felt like about 5 to me. I am still far from being able to really and truly sink into the state of relaxation that is called for, but I am trying.

After that 5 or 25 minutes, at the end of my meditation period. I slowly came back to being present to be greeted with the most delicious stabbing pain in the back of my head. Like, someone stuck an ice pick back there and were pounding on it with a hammer. The  pain slowly dulled and spread out a bit before it left for good a couple hours later.

Weekends have become the two days between yoga classes for me. That’s kinda crazy for someone who used to entirely look forward to weekends.

This morning, I had great balance poses (!) and felt good about my practice. Afterwards, I spoke a bit with my instructor and relayed the headache story. She asked if I was sitting or laying (laying) and she said that I should give it a try while sitting up to avoid the headache. I agreed to give this a try. She went on to further say that I should try to focus on the color green as she feels that my heart chakra is, well, basically, a mess. And after I came home and did a little research, I come back to it being amazing how someone who knows you not at all can be so on target as if they’ve known you forever.

One step at a time, I will meditate and I will try to take the steps necessary to clear this chakra. I don’t know how it will end up, but I do think it is important to get myself balanced. Stay tuned for the next part of this journey.

Say What?