Things on Tuesday – end of August?!?!

Waiting in line:

  • Aaargh, my knee.  It's being a little funny recently.  Aspirin kills it sometimes.  Anti-inflammatory helps sometimes.  Ben Gay whole knee wrap may help.  Hanging upside down by my ankle with my full body weight on that knee is probably not helping.
  • Kiddo has taken to questioning me.  Lord help me to not smack her teeth out of her mouth.  My word is rule!
  • Teachers who wait until the last minute to grade my work.  I didn't wait till the last minute to turn it in, dammit!
  • Oh, economy, please get better soon.
  • Wanting to do 85,000 things and having zero creativity and even less time.
  • Too many fees at Kiddo's school.  Fees for freaking everything!

Riding the coaster:

  • Got my Wii Fit!!  Can't wait to go home and try it out.
  • 110 days until I'm halfway done with my degree!
  • Super nice thank you notes. :-)  It may take a couple years to get to taco Tuesdays, but I hope to one day.
  • Being right.
  • CIRCUS!  Finally got that damn chute half-turn (and the camera was rolling!). 

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5 thoughts on “Things on Tuesday – end of August?!?!

  1. Yay Wii Fit!!! Hope it's a blast – we're thinking about getting one. We played Guitar Hero this weekend – a friend brought it over. It was actually kind of fun.

  2. I hope so too!
    My daughter wants to get Guitar Hero too. I would rather get Rock Band so we could all play together though. The adults in the house have never played either…yet!

  3. Jamie wants to get Rock Band – and I'm all for it. I was really surprised to find out that Rock Band and Guitar Hero aren't from the same company. I was hoping you could just use them with each other. Oh, well. If Rock Band is half as fun as GH – we'll be playing it a lot. I think it will be because of the drums and the microphone.

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