thngs n tsdy – jly 8, 2008

>.<  stuff

  • Up until last night, a serious lack of good sleep
  • I miss my Kiddo although I know she's in good hands and is having a blast
  • Dude.  Work.  Seriously.  I'm smarter than this.
  • Almost finished with Duma Key already

:-D  stuff

  • 4th of July weekend was totally fun
  • A mere four days remain until vacation for real
  • Two melatonin let me sleep through one hell of a storm
  • I'll be an iPhone whore in a couple days
  • The second bathroom will function within the next month!
  • Hooray book club
  • BruddaShyner may go check out Kiddo at camp
  • The end of accounting is in sight
  • OMG, last night's hamburgers were freaking delicious
  • It's 2 for Tuesday.  Hoo HA!

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