This just in – Miami Beach hits all time low

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Miam E. Shyner here reporting on the truly disgusting things seen here on the beach.  Today's event as relayed by a co-worker.

Co-worker #1 and co-worker #2 were walking down the street less than a block from our office.  At which time they spot a woman and her daughter of about 5 years.  As there is a lot of hustle and bustle on this particular street, they find it odd that these two are standing still.

More odd is that the child is wearing a dress yet has it hiked up to her chest.  More odd still is that she's completely bare assed.  Most odd, and the low point of the day, is that they were standing over one of those grates in the sidewalk similar to one you'd see over a subway and the child was pissing into the drain.

Had I seen this, I may have smacked that lady in the back of the head.  I work here and I have to smell that piss every day.  Find a bathroom pig.

This is Miam E. Shyner reporting to you live from Miami Beach.

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