Sunday Funday

Since yesterday was a super lazy Saturday, I neglected my P90X duties. But never fear, I simply swapped my rest day, today for  yesterday. You know what that means? Balance and Power Sunday. I found this workout to be more like what I was expecting from P90X…the impossible.

Things learned this morning?

  • I do not have as much core strength as I thought.
  • For the amount of balance I seem to have, I might be missing some toes AND have an inner ear infection.

Sidebar: I’m watching the Pens as I type and COME ON!!! Score on the power play!!

Anywho, back to P90X. Lots of stability ball exercises in this one which equals a lot of my face in the floor/stability ball. So. Effing. Difficult. But, that’s what I was looking for so I’m not complaining, just realizing that I have a long way to go.

Sidebar again: Am I seriously seeing a commercial for something called Full Metal Jousting?!?! WTF.

Not one to sit still for very long, it’s off to the studio today for a pole party. Then back home to work out my routine for the showcase. Hey, nothing like cutting it close, right? Eh, I do my best work under pressure. Combining chair and pole makes it a smidge easier for me. And I get to move slowly since I said no hip-hop. Not ready to go there just yet.

Looking forward to next week. Tackling another week of P90X, teaching a new pole class, and only the universe knows what other fun stuff might come my way (I mean besides the things that I have planned like BrewFest, a photo shoot with a fellow Club Med alumni, and the showcase.).

Oh yeah, there’s football today too. Since both teams can’t lose, I’m skipping that game altogether. But, I think the Giants will take the Niners giving us a Giants/Ravens Super Bowl where the Ravens win and Ray Lewis retires much to the delight of Steeler Nation. I will only be happy about the last part. Enjoy the games.

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