Sunday Funday

Since yesterday was a super lazy Saturday, I neglected my P90X duties. But never fear, I simply swapped my rest day, today for  yesterday. You know what that means? Balance and Power Sunday. I found this workout to be more like what I was expecting from P90X…the impossible.

Things learned this morning?

  • I do not have as much core strength as I thought.
  • For the amount of balance I seem to have, I might be missing some toes AND have an inner ear infection.

Sidebar: I’m watching the Pens as I type and COME ON!!! Score on the power play!!

Anywho, back to P90X. Lots of stability ball exercises in this one which equals a lot of my face in the floor/stability ball. So. Effing. Difficult. But, that’s what I was looking for so I’m not complaining, just realizing that I have a long way to go.

Sidebar again: Am I seriously seeing a commercial for something called Full Metal Jousting?!?! WTF.

Not one to sit still for very long, it’s off to the studio today for a pole party. Then back home to work out my routine for the showcase. Hey, nothing like cutting it close, right? Eh, I do my best work under pressure. Combining chair and pole makes it a smidge easier for me. And I get to move slowly since I said no hip-hop. Not ready to go there just yet.

Looking forward to next week. Tackling another week of P90X, teaching a new pole class, and only the universe knows what other fun stuff might come my way (I mean besides the things that I have planned like BrewFest, a photo shoot with a fellow Club Med alumni, and the showcase.).

Oh yeah, there’s football today too. Since both teams can’t lose, I’m skipping that game altogether. But, I think the Giants will take the Niners giving us a Giants/Ravens Super Bowl where the Ravens win and Ray Lewis retires much to the delight of Steeler Nation. I will only be happy about the last part. Enjoy the games.

Born on the Fourth of January

Oddly enough, I don’t know anyone whose birthday is today. Or, at least, Facebook says I don’t know anyone whose birthday is today.  So, if it’s your birthday, and you’re my Facebook friend, well, then you’re either going to have to speak up or tell Facebook when your damn birthday is so I can wish you a happy birthday next year.  🙂

As you’ve noticed, it’s a rambly kind of morning.  I somehow strained a muscle in my neck while walking up the stairs. I wasn’t even walking on my hands! Or my head! (Not that I can do either.) Oh well, SalonPas to the rescue!  Those little patches are the shyte. And they better get to work because I have to teach today. I love studio time. It’s so freeing. And yet, at times, so daunting. So stressful. But only daunting when a new move is hovering over my head, just out of my reach and being a jerk. Stressful when it’s time to put together a performance piece…and I use that term pretty lightly. The pros put together performance pieces; I put together a medley of hurky-jerky movements that I pass off as dance. I have placed all of my hurky-jerky movements together on paper and I must now attempt to give them dimension. I guess one day I’ll at least get comfortable with this and then maybe I can get good, lol.

In other news that is on the same subject, we now have two co-ed classes at the studio! I think that it’s pretty damn awesome that we can all play together. Probably my being pretty strong deters me from being angry that they can just pop into moves. I looked at myself in the mirror to check my form while I was showing one of the guys a move and was surprised when the reflection in the mirror asked me if I had my tickets… the gun show! Ha, I love that. Thanks, Cotto. But, yes, the guns are back! Now, if I could just get the rest of me there….

In other news that is not quite on the subject of Cotto, but of what he reminded me of, which is Club Med. I heard Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) yesterday and it made me so happy. I have this love for certain songs from them and N’Sync due to watching the boys perform them. Ahhh, shows.


The proper perspective can really change things. And I think my pole performances will change due to that. Sweet!

Anywho, whilst the smile is still upon my face, I will go forth and bravely face this day. Fare well in your quests, beloved reader(s) – I assume there’s more than one of you – and join me at this place tomorrow when we shall make more merriment. Tally-ho!