Am I 40 yet?!?!

Probably seems like a strange question. A lot of people seem to dread the big 4-0, but not I. I have big plans for that number.  You see, a lot of women may feel that they lose their looks as they get older. I, on the other hand, feel the exact opposite.  I was an ugly duckling for a long time, but not any more. I’m feeling that, at 38, I am the prettiest I’ve ever been. Take that childhood and teen years that made me feel all yucky! I’m thinking by the time I hit 40, I’ll be runway ready. Ok, maybe not runway ready since I’m still only 5’2″, but maybe some print. Here’s the first pic in my portfolio:

Boudoir shoot
First from a series with Holly Strebel Photography

So, first, much love for Holly of Holly Strebel Photography for getting this awesome shot.  Perhaps I should be a body part model.  These parts look pretty good by my eye! 🙂  There’s a particular shot that I can’t wait to see all prettied up and I can’t wait to share it!  Holly does families and newborn shots, but she’s expanding her portfolio and I was glad to help.

On the same day that I had the photo shoot, we also had our January Showcase at Boulder Spirals. All of the girls did so wonderfully! Such an awesome community to be a part of.  I was channeling the late, great, Etta James with my performance.

With my own very critical eye, I still see things to work on, but wow, even I will admit that I came a long way since the last performance.  I made a goal for myself to enter a competition this year because it would be a good experience. Perhaps, just perhaps, maybe I’ll even..gasp…do well!

That was my weekend in a nutshell.  Oh, except for Brewfest which was also fantastic. Can you say Vanilla Caramel Porter? Oh my goodness delicious! But oh my goodness must contain all of the calories in the world. That would be a special treat beer. I am not rocking hard into week THREE of P90X2 to be blowing it with beer, delicious beer.

Go out there and get yourself some Monday! Big things poppin!!

Things on Tuesday – Bringing It Back

Sometimes, I know that I should write even if it’s only a little bit. Luckily, when I thought that today, I remembered Things on Tuesday. A blog – in bulletpoints.


  • I am really sore. My glutes are screaming in pain and the foam roller is probably just aggravating them. But of course, I won’t stop rolling. I’m running this show, muscles. You’re going to do what I want.
  • That’s it.


  • I’m into week 2 of the Foundation section of P90X2. I’m feeling good about it. I still hate Plyocide.
  • My body seems to remember actually being in shape and I’m toning up fairly quickly. I’m getting that wide shoulder, small waist triangle. Didn’t love it before, more okay with it now since the boobs balance it out.
  • Absolutely LOVED my mixed levels class last night. So many of the fun folks that I see all the time but don’t always get to take class with, let alone teach. Good times!
  • Crazy busy fun weekend! Brewfest, photo shoot, showcase, afterparty, please don’t do anything but rest your body on Sunday!
  • Choreography for said showcase is moving right along. Should be since I have a mere five days until performing with many things between now and then.

That’s it.

Short one today. Much to do with little time to do it! Have a kickass day!

Sunday Funday

Since yesterday was a super lazy Saturday, I neglected my P90X duties. But never fear, I simply swapped my rest day, today for  yesterday. You know what that means? Balance and Power Sunday. I found this workout to be more like what I was expecting from P90X…the impossible.

Things learned this morning?

  • I do not have as much core strength as I thought.
  • For the amount of balance I seem to have, I might be missing some toes AND have an inner ear infection.

Sidebar: I’m watching the Pens as I type and COME ON!!! Score on the power play!!

Anywho, back to P90X. Lots of stability ball exercises in this one which equals a lot of my face in the floor/stability ball. So. Effing. Difficult. But, that’s what I was looking for so I’m not complaining, just realizing that I have a long way to go.

Sidebar again: Am I seriously seeing a commercial for something called Full Metal Jousting?!?! WTF.

Not one to sit still for very long, it’s off to the studio today for a pole party. Then back home to work out my routine for the showcase. Hey, nothing like cutting it close, right? Eh, I do my best work under pressure. Combining chair and pole makes it a smidge easier for me. And I get to move slowly since I said no hip-hop. Not ready to go there just yet.

Looking forward to next week. Tackling another week of P90X, teaching a new pole class, and only the universe knows what other fun stuff might come my way (I mean besides the things that I have planned like BrewFest, a photo shoot with a fellow Club Med alumni, and the showcase.).

Oh yeah, there’s football today too. Since both teams can’t lose, I’m skipping that game altogether. But, I think the Giants will take the Niners giving us a Giants/Ravens Super Bowl where the Ravens win and Ray Lewis retires much to the delight of Steeler Nation. I will only be happy about the last part. Enjoy the games.

Anonymous Letter

Dear Hip:

Our relationship is rapidly deteriorating. I want to like you, but you are making it very difficult. Maybe it isn’t you specifically, but it’s in your house. I stretch you on a very regular basis and how do you repay me? With even more pain?!? You’re a jerk. Sure, I must have done something to make you angry, at some point, some time ago, but why must you hold a grudge? Now everything around you must suffer with the dreaded foam roller to attempt to reach the real issue that’s hiding deep inside of a yucky piriformis and more than likely a bursa that’s getting squished. But, I refuse to give in to you, hip! You will get rolled and adjusted and you’ll get physical therapy because the mind is stronger than you, hip! You cannot win! Surrender!

Kind regards,

The One Who Is In Pain

Anywho, here’s your P90X 2 recap: Wednesday was Total Body and Ab Ripper X. Lots of core and shoulders, which is perfect as far as I’m concerned, for stronger poling.  It is just SO MUCH DIFFERENT than P90X. In the first one, Tony just threw you in there and tried to kill you on day one. This time, he’s easing you in. Much better, Tony. It’s giving me the opportunity to get the workout done and feel good about it while still leaving me lots of room to push myself harder, stretch myself deeper. Foam roller, baby.

Today, Friday, is Yoga X. Also scaled back from the first series. A mere 66 minutes, which is much better than the near 90 in the first. I found that it starts off pretty yoga heavy but ends up more stretchy conditioning. Now, I realize that yoga IS stretchy conditioning, but he throws in a lot of things that I’ve not seen in a yoga class, so I don’t really consider them yoga. BUT, I’m no yogi so I don’t know for sure. I know that I  like it.

We are coming down to crunch time. The showcase is in a mere 8 days and I really need to get to work. I have a song and I have a few moves that I know that I consistently get into without looking like an elephant with a broken leg. I just need to put them together and find some transitions. I am a lot less stressed about the showcase this time as compared to last time. Perhaps that means that I’m getting (re)accustomed to being “on stage”. Oh, the Club Med years.

So, it looks like a good bit of pole work on Saturday. Teaching/supervising a pole party on Sunday. Fun! Welcome to my addiction, ladies! Teaching a different class rather than my usual Level 2 these days. Switched on over to teaching a mixed level/spin pole class on Monday nights. Aaaaaand, in a few weeks after that, I’ll be teaching a more choreographed, one and a half minute routine type of class. That’s gonna be fun. Grab you glasses and shake your asses!

It’s Friday, tricks! Go out and get some! But be safe. Have a great weekend!

Writing….Whilst Drinking Wine

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Missed a day yesterday, but I’ve found that Tuesdays just aren’t a good night for writing. After work, come home and whip up a little dinner before heading off to pole class. Another great evening of working some new moves and crying over not getting some others, lol.

Let’s not forget that we’re working on P90X2. Tuesday was Plyocide. Death by plyometrics turned out to be not so bad. Again, I think I’m in better shape than I thought. Plyocide is way different than Plyometrics in the first P90X. I could NOT work my way through Plyometrics, but with Plyocide, sure, I still didn’t do as many reps on everything as they did on the video, but I made it.

Today was Recovery & Mobility. Love it and get it twice a week. Lots and lots of foam rolling. I almost considered doing it again this afternoon. Didn’t. Instead, made salad. Spinach, carrots, tomato, mushrooms, cheese, croutons, BACON, baked chicken, a bit of dressing, and a piece of garlic bread. Om. Nom. Nom.

Tomorrow, I have Total Body and Ab Ripper to look forward to.  80 minutes of sweating like a piggy. A sexy piggy. Hello abs, hello obliques, hello Iron X. I’m not doing the before and after pictures, but I know what I looked like then and what I want to look like in three months. Brick shithouse. Yeah. The diet change alone has been helping me to see results. Just last night my ripped-ness was being discussed. Hooray!

A few other things are still going on, more interesting stuff every day. Hopefully I’ll be able to discuss it sometime soon. Hopefully there’ll be something to discuss, lol.

Oh! But on the things I can discuss side, I am going to be teaching pole on Mondays instead of Wednesdays with two classes (starting in February) instead of one. Hooray for spin pole! Hooray for, hmmm, I’m thinking Rock Shop. Grab a chair and whip your hair, bitches! (Sorry, no ladies in this class. Let’s get ignorant and let the dirty girl out!)

I suppose that’s it for now. Tune in tomorrow for more of my random blathering. 🙂