Anonymous Letter

Dear Hip:

Our relationship is rapidly deteriorating. I want to like you, but you are making it very difficult. Maybe it isn’t you specifically, but it’s in your house. I stretch you on a very regular basis and how do you repay me? With even more pain?!? You’re a jerk. Sure, I must have done something to make you angry, at some point, some time ago, but why must you hold a grudge? Now everything around you must suffer with the dreaded foam roller to attempt to reach the real issue that’s hiding deep inside of a yucky piriformis and more than likely a bursa that’s getting squished. But, I refuse to give in to you, hip! You will get rolled and adjusted and you’ll get physical therapy because the mind is stronger than you, hip! You cannot win! Surrender!

Kind regards,

The One Who Is In Pain

Anywho, here’s your P90X 2 recap: Wednesday was Total Body and Ab Ripper X. Lots of core and shoulders, which is perfect as far as I’m concerned, for stronger poling.  It is just SO MUCH DIFFERENT than P90X. In the first one, Tony just threw you in there and tried to kill you on day one. This time, he’s easing you in. Much better, Tony. It’s giving me the opportunity to get the workout done and feel good about it while still leaving me lots of room to push myself harder, stretch myself deeper. Foam roller, baby.

Today, Friday, is Yoga X. Also scaled back from the first series. A mere 66 minutes, which is much better than the near 90 in the first. I found that it starts off pretty yoga heavy but ends up more stretchy conditioning. Now, I realize that yoga IS stretchy conditioning, but he throws in a lot of things that I’ve not seen in a yoga class, so I don’t really consider them yoga. BUT, I’m no yogi so I don’t know for sure. I know that I  like it.

We are coming down to crunch time. The showcase is in a mere 8 days and I really need to get to work. I have a song and I have a few moves that I know that I consistently get into without looking like an elephant with a broken leg. I just need to put them together and find some transitions. I am a lot less stressed about the showcase this time as compared to last time. Perhaps that means that I’m getting (re)accustomed to being “on stage”. Oh, the Club Med years.

So, it looks like a good bit of pole work on Saturday. Teaching/supervising a pole party on Sunday. Fun! Welcome to my addiction, ladies! Teaching a different class rather than my usual Level 2 these days. Switched on over to teaching a mixed level/spin pole class on Monday nights. Aaaaaand, in a few weeks after that, I’ll be teaching a more choreographed, one and a half minute routine type of class. That’s gonna be fun. Grab you glasses and shake your asses!

It’s Friday, tricks! Go out and get some! But be safe. Have a great weekend!

Say What?