6/30 – Nervous trainwreck

Typically, when something is bothering me or weighing heavily on my mind, I tend to share it with you and it usually helps so I'm going to try it again now.

I've had this surgery scheduled for over a month now and I've been fine with it.  Until a couple of hours ago.  I'm not saying that I'm going to back out, or that I'm scared, per se, but nervous is really starting to creep up on me.  Seriously.  To the point of clock watching and saying "Is it 10pm yet so I can take an Ambien and go to sleep?!?!"

My heart's beating a little faster than usual today and my tummy is a little grumblier than usual too.

….OMG SERIOUSLY…if this lady doesn't stop cutting her nails at work, I'm going to have to donkey punch her!…..

All of the people at the facility are super nice, as is the doctor.  He's been at this a while, so it isn't as though I think he doesn't know what he's doing.  He's got good stats and I know someone that's visited him.

It isn't as though I think I'm going to die on the table.  Because that's irrational.  I'm healthy and too stubborn to die..yet.  Okay, maybe it did cross my mind.  Along with the thought of getting cut open and steam hissing out or an alien jumping out too, so we don't really give that one much thought.

I've got more support than a (insert your own analogy here…I couldn't think of something that wouldn't offend somebody).  MommaShyner, BruddaShyner, Lovey, Kiddo, Roboco, they're all behind me.

I should have asked for a Valium, but I probably wouldn't have made it to work today.

I'm still waiting for them to call to confirm my arrival time.  And like Tom Petty said, "The waiting is the haaaardeeeeeeeeest paaaart."

I'm starting to feel a little better.

Maybe it's because this is my first surgery, sorta.  I don't count having my wisdom teeth out although they did knock me out for that.  I've never been sliced.

Wisdom of BruddaShyner regarding possible pain: Hey, you pooped out a kid, it can't be worse than that.

Yep, he said POOPED out a kid.  Gotta love that guy.

HAHA, I have homework to do also.  Fortunately, I've done well throughout the rest of the class and I don't have to put forth a full effort to get an A and I can really provide a half-assed effort and still get a B.  I could not participate at all and still get a C.  Not that I would do that because that's just wrong.  Even though one of the classes is Computers for Those Without Opposable Thumbs.  Honestly, it's painfully silly.  Forcing me to turn in a project that must be created in WordPad…you do the math.

Oh, feeling a little better still.

I got to do some shopping, and that's always cool.  Did I mention it?  I don't recall.  One suit, one skirt, three or four blouses…$108.  Hell yes bargain shopper.

Really, I just want to fast forward to being healed up enough to get back to my circus workouts.

Would you like a Starburst?  BINGO!  Two strawberry ones!!

I am excited to take a day off of work.  Maybe even two.  I haven't decided if I will come in on Monday yet.  Not supposed to drive whilst taking Percocet or Flexoril, lol.



So, this is an old photo where I have yet again accomplished the puppy dog head tilt. Maybe I will wear this outfit to Cirque in one month (!) so I'll have a before and after photo.  My hair is already quite a bit longer now.  Like if I do the tilt, it still reaches my shoulders on both sides.  Me and photos don't always get along.  Or maybe it's just my perception.  I do always look, uh, well, greasy.  Stupid skin.  Dry until the second I put on any makeup.  Doesn't even matter what kind it is!  I've tried 'em all.  Oh well, at least I have nice teeth. πŸ˜€

Hey hey, look, another storm is brewing down there by Honduras.  It's not supposed to make a US landfall though.  Keeping those fingers crossed.  I guess you really can't call hurricane season until the 30th.  I will not miss hurricanes when we move.

Okay, I've rambled enough now, and if you're still reading this, you either really like me or you're bored to tears.  Either way, thanks for hanging around and listening/reading me blabber on about nothing.

I may have one more of these today, but if not, see you on the other side of anesthesia!

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9 thoughts on “6/30 – Nervous trainwreck

  1. Hopefully they don't leave any medical instruments inside of you. I remember the first time I had surgery and had to sign the release. I didn't even know that was an option.
    good luck, i'm sure it will go great. Whatever it is.

  2. I understand the nerves – I get the same way when my kitties are going under anesthesia (I'd say me but I haven't done that in awhile). I'm sure it will all be fine. And, hey, the drugs should be fun.Good juju to you!

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