10/30 – A couple of things

Please know that I am not happy that ANYONE is losing their job, ever.  And that my happiness regarding the next sentence stems from this.

DHL is basically ending its US service.  But seriously, their service has been so bad, from my experience, this is really not a surprise.

Here's another little nugget.  You should exercise and get lots of calcium, especially if you are a woman.  MommaShyner just found out that she has osteopenia.  Nothing on too serious of a level, she just needs to exercise and get more calcium, which SHE BETTER!  I know you read this, Mom!

And since I know you're reading this, I am going to share this because I thought it was funny in a downer sort of situation.  MommaShyner said that she didn't think that this was something that really affected "us".  You know, like Black folks "us".  Um, we've still got bones and we're still female, so that's more or less who these sorts of conditions target.

It's not like we're white and she found out she had sickle cell, because then she could say "Damn, I didn't think that sort of thing really affected "us"!"  I love my MommaShyner.

In case you're wondering, the girls are coming along nicely.  Although the range of motion I have at home is considerably diminshed when I'm at work because it's colder than the proverbial witch's tit in our freaking office!  Today, I couldn't even use a pencil because my hands were so cold.  I think I may just take my Steelers fleece into the office tomorrow to stay warm.  Or I'll really piss them off and get one of these.  That's right.  A slanket.

That's probably enough links for today.  Peace out till tomorrow ya'll!


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14 thoughts on “10/30 – A couple of things

  1. MamaPants is 76, and about 5 years ago (6? 7?) she was out walking and fell and broke her wrist. Her doctor told her she has osteoporosis and prescribed meds for her, but she doesn't get that the osteoporosis is why her wrist broke when she fell. I said, Mom, if I fell while I was just walking, do you think I would break my wrist? and she said yes. She didn't think the 2 were connected, so I am not sure what she thinks that osteoporosis is. I don't even know if she is keeping up with her meds, she has tried so many different ones. She doesn't get enough exercise either, I pray she doesn't fall and break her hip. She was a nightmare just with the wrist, I can't imagine this many years later and her being an invalid.
    Good luck with your recovery!
    someone turned me on to these last year…keep your hands warm and look cool. even if you are in Miami!!

  2. Cranky: "someone"… harrrupmpf!! (it was me… lol) I think of you every time I see wrist warmers. Target is carrying them right now!MS: I was totally watching a slanket commercial this morn (while freezing) and waiting for the "but, wait… order now and get 2!!" And then they said it. And I nearly, almost, went for it. And, yeah… I could use one in the office too (I can't walk, again, today cause it's too cold for my knee to unlock).You could also buy these USB Heated Gloves and just play with your boobs all day, saying… "it's medicinal!"

  3. You saw a commercial for this?!?! I just happened to see it in some crazy catalog I got in the mail yesterday (where everyone may get their Xmas presents this year). I can imagine how annoyed people would be if I showed up with one of them. πŸ˜€
    "Is your office freezing? Do you sit under an air conditioning vent that building maintenance says they can't close? We've all been there before!" It's like they read my mind!!

  4. Yep, really saw a commercial. I think the name was slightly different. But you got 2 of them, plus "extra free gift" of pop up reading light, for $19.95. Even assuming they're crap, $10 each didn't seem unreasonable.

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