9/30 – It’s Sunday already?

I guess the weekend goes by pretty quickly when you spend most of it sleeping.

Ugh, yes, Ugh, Steelers.  I'm sure that I do not need to remind you guys of all people how important it was to win that game to stay ahead of Baltimore.  Jerks.

I have had a headache for approximately 2 days now.  It really sucks.  I think it's leaning towards mini-migraine and concentrating itself in the left rear quadrant of my noggin.  I bet if I had a chiropractor this would get fixed in mere moments.

Sorry, but this is all I have for today.  My eyes are rebelling against me.

Nighty night.

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One thought on “9/30 – It’s Sunday already?

  1. yes, i guess i'm pretty unique in thinking that sleeping makes for a nice loooong weekend. but that's cause i have "generalized anxiety disorder", sleeping is the only time I'm not totally stressed out (though, based on my dreams – last night a younger Hasselhoff & his partner were really into "swinging" with me – I still have stress, even in my sleep).Anyhooooo… are migraines common for you? Sorry your head is hurting – maybe all the blood is going to your big tatas!Hope you're feeling better ASAP.

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