10/30 – A couple of things

Please know that I am not happy that ANYONE is losing their job, ever.  And that my happiness regarding the next sentence stems from this.

DHL is basically ending its US service.  But seriously, their service has been so bad, from my experience, this is really not a surprise.

Here's another little nugget.  You should exercise and get lots of calcium, especially if you are a woman.  MommaShyner just found out that she has osteopenia.  Nothing on too serious of a level, she just needs to exercise and get more calcium, which SHE BETTER!  I know you read this, Mom!

And since I know you're reading this, I am going to share this because I thought it was funny in a downer sort of situation.  MommaShyner said that she didn't think that this was something that really affected "us".  You know, like Black folks "us".  Um, we've still got bones and we're still female, so that's more or less who these sorts of conditions target.

It's not like we're white and she found out she had sickle cell, because then she could say "Damn, I didn't think that sort of thing really affected "us"!"  I love my MommaShyner.

In case you're wondering, the girls are coming along nicely.  Although the range of motion I have at home is considerably diminshed when I'm at work because it's colder than the proverbial witch's tit in our freaking office!  Today, I couldn't even use a pencil because my hands were so cold.  I think I may just take my Steelers fleece into the office tomorrow to stay warm.  Or I'll really piss them off and get one of these.  That's right.  A slanket.

That's probably enough links for today.  Peace out till tomorrow ya'll!


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ROCO Friday! – Love a long weekend

Word to the herd!

Er, um, good morning to the congregation.  It's your Reverend MiamiShyner, checking in with you and making sure that you're still spreading the word of ROCO.  Own it people, own it!  Here are a few rambles for you:

  • With Tropical Storm Hanna possibly coming our way, but possibly making a turn to the south, I informed Kiddo that she may get to experience her first hurricane.  Her response: "on my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND?!?!'  Ha.
  • Speaking of Kiddo, I may have previously mentioned that she has the worst posture on earth.  I tell her to stop slouching all of the time, but to no real avail.  Why am I telling you this?  Because….
  • Last night in the shower (because that's where all important conversations take place), I was telling Lovey that the Wii Fit checks your center of balance.  Here I thought that I was standing up straight all this time, but it turns out that I lean back (Fat Joe) and put most of my weight on my heels rather than distributing evenly.  Lovey said that he's known that about me forever and so I asked him why he never said anything.  He said that he's told me on many occasions, of which I remember none.  Now I must make a conscious effort to distribute.  I wondered aloud what it might look like if Kiddo got on.  Lovey said that the screen might say something like this:
      • ERROR!  ERROR!
  • We are meany bo-beanies.
  • MommaShyner's in town, yo!  We're going out to lunch today and we're gonna go whoop ass at the bingo hall tomorrow night.  I luuuurve me some MommaShyner.
  • Last night was the first time that I listened to an Obama speech.  It was late (for me) so I may have missed some parts due to dozing off.  Things that I did catch that I liked:
      • Eight is ENOUGH!
      • This election is not about me, it's about you!
      • Huh, you know, there were other things, but they've just escaped me.
  • McCain chose the Governor of Alaska as a running mate.  I really don't follow politics so I know nothing about this woman.  My unpolitical, uneducated, off the cuff response is that she is the choice because she is a woman and he wants to do something unprecedented to keep up with Obama.  JUST.  MY.  OPINION.  Don't freak out over it.  Kthxbai!
  • MommaShyner and I discussed our (hopefully irrational) fears that there will be way too many assassination attempts while watching the final of Shear Genius.  I completely disagree with their choice for the winner, even though she's from Miami Beach.  Then again, what do I know about ya'll's hair?  I personally don't do anything with mine outside of washing and some occasional moisturizing.
  • The last few days have been rough on my right knee.  I am slightly worried that I will eventually have to do something about it.  This knee was injured many, many moons ago and never got any treatment.  It's acting up again.  I am trying to tell myself that it does not hurt.  That works a lot so I think that the pain is mostly in my head.

I suppose that I've chewed your virtual ear for long enough now.  Wishing you all the ROCO-iest of long weekends.  Spread the word, spread the love.


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Mid-week ramblings


It's Wednesday. Two down, two and change to go until the long weekend.  Hooray!  MommaShyner is coming for a visit.  That means we get to be silly and go to bingo and basically drive Lovey crazy.  Poor guy.

I don't know where MommaShyner ever found this song, but we used to laugh about it ALL THE TIME.  We can bitch him out right along with her.  Good times.

<did I mention that I will just jump from topic to topic?>

DMX, DMX, DMX….what the hell is wrong with you man?!?!  Somehow you just manage to keep getting in more trouble.  I've lost count, but I think it's a good 5 times you've been arrested in Miami in the last couple of months.  How stupid are you to get busted by an undercover buying 15 bucks worth of weed and 20 bucks worth of coke?  I'm not saying go out and do drugs, but don't you at least have someone that could pick that up for you?  And all the money you have, or used to have, that's all you can afford?  The economy really IS tight, huh?

Well, enjoy your time in jail.  It doesn't help your case any when upon standing before the judge, who tells you that you're not going to be able to bond out, you storm off and say "I ain't staying in fucking jail."  Guess what?  YES YOU ARE!  They're not letting you out and they're going to send you right back to Arizona where you're in trouble for animal cruelty.

<on a haha note, the reporter said that you'll be in jail until they EXTRICATE you back to Arizona.  I love Miami.>

I love garlic.  I love sea salt.  I put garlic on just about everything. 

Vampires will never get me. 

When I saw this product in the store, it couldn't get in my cart fast enough.  I LOVE IT!! I have it on my eggies in the morning and in my soup for dinner.  The deliciousness has no boundaries.

<fortunately, I don't sweat garlic>

This morning was my first official day on the Wii Fit.  I hooked it up last night and did a quick run-through.  Last night my Wii age was 42, yikes!  This morning I was doing a little better and I was only 37.

I was way too lazy (and sleepy) to take pictures of the screen this morning.  They offer up four sections to play in: aerobics, strength training, balance games, and yoga.

Aerobics this morning was a bit of step, which wasn't a problem, and pseudo-jogging where I almost ran over my trainer. 

Strength training had me doing some push-ups and planks on the left and right along with some crazy sit-up type things and something else that has slipped my mind.

Balance games were pretty funny.  I love walking the tightrope.  You have to jump over this thing that's trying to eat your legs, but at no time are you supposed to actually JUMP on the balance board.  So, of course, first thing I do?  JUMP!  I had to start over.  There's also a slalom ski course and a ski jump that are pretty fun.  I jumped 50 meters on the first time (which is terrible).  I tried again and got the hang of it and nearly tripled my distance!  Go Mii!

I saved the yoga for last since I wanted to be a little warmed up before trying it.  Got through breathing, warrior, and tree poses this morning.  Good stuff.

All this happened in approximately 35 minutes.  Was it a workout?  Meh, the jury is still out on that one.  I didn't break a sweat.  Maybe as I unlock more things to do, it will get more challenging.  But it's cute and it's fun and it tracks my weight and BMI, so it serves its purpose.  I'll keep you up to date on this since I know you are hanging on my every word.

Well, in the words of my great-uncle, "Allez cuisine!".  And have a great hump day!

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ROCO Friday – 2 days before 4/20

What?  It's my mom's birthday.  She's coming down tomorrow so I can drop her off at the airport.  She's going to the DR for a week, so ROCO for her!

And now, for our feature presentation…..


No smokingNo talkingCandyPhasers

Please, for the enjoyment of everyone around you: No smoking, No talking, There's candy in the lobby, and Set your phasers to STUN.  And, oh yeah, ROCO!

If your day has been rough so far and people are making you angry, may I suggest you follow a tip that I heard this morning on Shade 45 (Eminem's channel on Sirius).  Warning: Vulgarity follows.

Whip your dick out and put it in her ear and tell her "Fuck what you heard!"

We are NOT taking it to church this week, but let that not stop the congregation from saying ROCO!

The weekend is upon us folks.  I hope that you have some delicious plans.  The 1230 Crew is jam-packed for the weekend.  Tonight we have our usual take-out dinner  super special turkey burger dinner (which means I get extra french fries!) and Solo Boxeo Tecate.  (Today is the 1000 day anniversary of Lovey and I.  WOOT!)  Tomorrow, the vampires get me in the morning before MommaShyner gets to the house.  Then I'll take her to the airport and we have errands to run which hopefully will include some of this gooey goodness.  Sunday, we're off to the new bride and groom's place (from the Hondruas wedding) for a BBQ and some slide shows of their honeymoon.  Life is grand, people, and don't you forget it!

Had a chat this week about my upcoming promotion (that's been upcoming for like a year).  Meh, it'll happen when it happens and I can't get my hopes up about it.  I have to focus on finishing school and there's still WAY too much of that to focus on to do much of anything else.  But when I'm done, ROCO!

I'm sorry that this is so stream-of-consciousness today.  With that said, I am totally in love with the show Smallville.  I only started watching it maybe a season or two ago and let me tell you that I never miss it now.  All I can say is don't get too close to Lex or you might end up dead.

Ack!  I really have a ton of stuff to get done, and while I love you Voxiverse, you are not helping.  Let me leave the ROCO congregation with this last thought:

Act as if you were already happy and that will tend to make you happy.  -Dale Carnegie

ROCO ya'll!


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