ROCO Friday! – Love a long weekend

Word to the herd!

Er, um, good morning to the congregation.  It's your Reverend MiamiShyner, checking in with you and making sure that you're still spreading the word of ROCO.  Own it people, own it!  Here are a few rambles for you:

  • With Tropical Storm Hanna possibly coming our way, but possibly making a turn to the south, I informed Kiddo that she may get to experience her first hurricane.  Her response: "on my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND?!?!'  Ha.
  • Speaking of Kiddo, I may have previously mentioned that she has the worst posture on earth.  I tell her to stop slouching all of the time, but to no real avail.  Why am I telling you this?  Because….
  • Last night in the shower (because that's where all important conversations take place), I was telling Lovey that the Wii Fit checks your center of balance.  Here I thought that I was standing up straight all this time, but it turns out that I lean back (Fat Joe) and put most of my weight on my heels rather than distributing evenly.  Lovey said that he's known that about me forever and so I asked him why he never said anything.  He said that he's told me on many occasions, of which I remember none.  Now I must make a conscious effort to distribute.  I wondered aloud what it might look like if Kiddo got on.  Lovey said that the screen might say something like this:
      • ERROR!  ERROR!
  • We are meany bo-beanies.
  • MommaShyner's in town, yo!  We're going out to lunch today and we're gonna go whoop ass at the bingo hall tomorrow night.  I luuuurve me some MommaShyner.
  • Last night was the first time that I listened to an Obama speech.  It was late (for me) so I may have missed some parts due to dozing off.  Things that I did catch that I liked:
      • Eight is ENOUGH!
      • This election is not about me, it's about you!
      • Huh, you know, there were other things, but they've just escaped me.
  • McCain chose the Governor of Alaska as a running mate.  I really don't follow politics so I know nothing about this woman.  My unpolitical, uneducated, off the cuff response is that she is the choice because she is a woman and he wants to do something unprecedented to keep up with Obama.  JUST.  MY.  OPINION.  Don't freak out over it.  Kthxbai!
  • MommaShyner and I discussed our (hopefully irrational) fears that there will be way too many assassination attempts while watching the final of Shear Genius.  I completely disagree with their choice for the winner, even though she's from Miami Beach.  Then again, what do I know about ya'll's hair?  I personally don't do anything with mine outside of washing and some occasional moisturizing.
  • The last few days have been rough on my right knee.  I am slightly worried that I will eventually have to do something about it.  This knee was injured many, many moons ago and never got any treatment.  It's acting up again.  I am trying to tell myself that it does not hurt.  That works a lot so I think that the pain is mostly in my head.

I suppose that I've chewed your virtual ear for long enough now.  Wishing you all the ROCO-iest of long weekends.  Spread the word, spread the love.


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One thought on “ROCO Friday! – Love a long weekend

  1. i have horrible posture, too. i need to fix it.
    so… i feel the same way about mccain. so, he needed a "minority" group represented so he picked a woman. a young woman. i mean, he's going on and on and on about how obama's inexperienced… and he picks a woman with even LESS experience? yeah. totally makes sense. *rolls eyes*
    ugh. never mind. i don't like to talk politics. heh.

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