ROCO Friday – 2 days before 4/20

What?  It's my mom's birthday.  She's coming down tomorrow so I can drop her off at the airport.  She's going to the DR for a week, so ROCO for her!

And now, for our feature presentation…..


No smokingNo talkingCandyPhasers

Please, for the enjoyment of everyone around you: No smoking, No talking, There's candy in the lobby, and Set your phasers to STUN.  And, oh yeah, ROCO!

If your day has been rough so far and people are making you angry, may I suggest you follow a tip that I heard this morning on Shade 45 (Eminem's channel on Sirius).  Warning: Vulgarity follows.

Whip your dick out and put it in her ear and tell her "Fuck what you heard!"

We are NOT taking it to church this week, but let that not stop the congregation from saying ROCO!

The weekend is upon us folks.  I hope that you have some delicious plans.  The 1230 Crew is jam-packed for the weekend.  Tonight we have our usual take-out dinner  super special turkey burger dinner (which means I get extra french fries!) and Solo Boxeo Tecate.  (Today is the 1000 day anniversary of Lovey and I.  WOOT!)  Tomorrow, the vampires get me in the morning before MommaShyner gets to the house.  Then I'll take her to the airport and we have errands to run which hopefully will include some of this gooey goodness.  Sunday, we're off to the new bride and groom's place (from the Hondruas wedding) for a BBQ and some slide shows of their honeymoon.  Life is grand, people, and don't you forget it!

Had a chat this week about my upcoming promotion (that's been upcoming for like a year).  Meh, it'll happen when it happens and I can't get my hopes up about it.  I have to focus on finishing school and there's still WAY too much of that to focus on to do much of anything else.  But when I'm done, ROCO!

I'm sorry that this is so stream-of-consciousness today.  With that said, I am totally in love with the show Smallville.  I only started watching it maybe a season or two ago and let me tell you that I never miss it now.  All I can say is don't get too close to Lex or you might end up dead.

Ack!  I really have a ton of stuff to get done, and while I love you Voxiverse, you are not helping.  Let me leave the ROCO congregation with this last thought:

Act as if you were already happy and that will tend to make you happy.  -Dale Carnegie

ROCO ya'll!


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