Why don’t you know?!?!

I was asked to find out how to use a certain function on one of our office multifunction copiers.  Since we have a copy center that is responsible for said machine, I thought that they would be the best source of information.  WRONG!

I approached them and explained what I wanted to the first gentleman.  He studied me with a quizzical look upon his face and then told me to "Wait one minee" while his co-worker arrived to help me.  A pleasant "how can I help you" later and I've re-explained what it is that I need.  I received yet another confused look.  I thought that maybe I wasn't properly explaining myself and so I tried a different explanation.  Nope, no dice. Mind you, these people work for the freaking copy center.  They are in charge of every printer in the building (almost)!  The ones that they are in charge of are all the same brand and you don't know how to make them work?!?!

His resolution: "There's a manual located behind the machine" and he was kind enough to show me where it would be on my machine by pulling one out from the machine closest to him.


My resolution: Fiddle around with the settings until I figure it out.  Yeah, I figured it out.  I pwn IKON and CANON!  HA!

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One thought on “Why don’t you know?!?!

  1. oh, lawd. i hated dealing with that crap. and people were always too lazy to figure it out on their own like i did! they'd come to me and ask me how to do something… i hated that. heh.

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