Things on Tuesday – The Tax Man Cometh Edition



Life is good in the middle of April. 🙂


  • Kiddo gets to go to camp, thanks in part to Mom and Lovey
  • Zumba! (I will learn to move my hips properly if it kills me.)
  • The vacation countdown – 87 more days!
  • Two company-sponsored long weekends before vacation
  • Seeing my mom on Saturday even if it's only to take her to the airport
  • Not emptying out my savings account
  • Getting in shape
  • Being almost done with International Business (it's a snoozer for me)
  • My nice, clean car
  • Toga parties
  • Family, home and health
  • The NFL schedule is released today at 2pm, I do believe..meaning….
  • Getting closer to football season
  • The Pens going up 3-0 on the Senators
  • The Buccos keeping it over .500
  • Having had my taxes done forever ago
  • Uncle Sam giving me some extra cash next month


  • Being cold
  • Vampires
  • Mosquitos

Nothing to complain about today, really.  I told you life was good in mid April!

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