Things for This Tuesday – mid 8’s edition

Building my callouses:

  • Yeah, I'm dwelling on this one…first circus class (in quite some time) tonight!
  • Dude, Kiddo is freaking funny
  • The back yard area is looking good
  • Requests to assist in news stories and performances (film at 11…if it happens)
  • Being excited about something in Miami besides stuff I can't afford
  • Ha!  Lost another pound
  • Fantabulous nookie (TMI?  Too bad!)
  • 1.5 weeks left of Biology (blecch) 
  • Steelers def. Eagles (so what if preseason doesn't count)

Rippin' em off:

  • Rain and/or hurricanes.  Hopefully we'll be spared the latter.
  • Realized that 120 isn't a realistic goal for me but a lower body fat percentage is
  • My car needs a gasket replaced…booo!
  • Way too long till September 7

Backstage jitters:

  • Being HAWT (-er.  HAHA!)
  • Opportunidades

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