6 thoughts on “A Fistful of Togas

  1. In toga picture 2 I like the one in the center. The solid white with silver embellishments, I imagine on your skin tone it would look absolutely radiant. Then again, I suppose it is the least toga-ey of all. For if we're going for toga toga I would pick toga three or four.

  2. Out of the five picture, the center one was my favorite as well. Oddly enough, I never think about how I'd look in them, rather just if I like them. I suppose that's not my brightest idea. 🙂
    Lovey like the one to the right of the one we like. Yes, the frumpy one. Luckily, it's not his dress. I also like 3 and 4 but no boobs to hold up 3 (even though I bet MommaShyner could make it work). 4 would be cool in a different color too. Apparently I like the dresses that accentuate the cleavage I don't have.
    Maybe I won't get a boob job. Maybe I'll just become regional Director of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

  3. My oh-so-valuable $0.02 demands that I chime in. 🙂
    My favorite, and by that, I mean the one I like that wouldn't make me look fat or lopsided, is the last one on the right in the first picture. It would hide my gut while defining my waist at the same time. Plus, it would mask my chest without making it look like I'm trying to mask my chest.
    Keep in mind that I'm 5'10", so I can make that look balanced.

  4. I don't think that I could pull off that dress, seing as how I'm only 5'2". I think that I'd just end up swimming in it. I still like it though.
    I think that out of these seven, I like the middle one in the top picture most. I know it's hard for me to throw these things out to you guys when you don't really know my shape, lol.

  5. When I see the middle one, I don't see "toga," I see "red carpet at the Emmys." But it's fierce and you can use it for any number of occasions, esp. in Miami. 🙂

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