QotD: Go to Your Room!

How were you punished as a child?

In the way children should be punished.  My mom tore up some asses.  This whole, you can't spank your kids crap is part of the reason that kids have gone freaking wild as far as I'm concerned.  Mind you, my dad never (or maybe once) gave us the belt.  I guess either mom was the designated bad guy or dad might have been too strong for such stuff. 

Once, my mom turned into a ninja.  I had neglected to do some cleaning that I had been warned (probably several times) about.  Well, MommaShyner called me down to my room.  She jumped out from behind the door and proceeded to put the smackdown on me, ninja with a belt style.  Yeah, I got punished, but I think that even then, within a day, we were laughing about it.

Ah, the good old days. 

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