ROCO Friday – 4 squared

Wow, that just took me back.  We used to play four square on the playground when I was in 5th grade.  Four square and Release.  Release is a version of tag.  Good times.

The end of our week of quiet is near.  Tomorrow we pick up Kiddo from the airport.  The weekend is stuffed to the max with things to do.  Paper writing, airport trips, baseball games, shopping, returning, helping, Keys(!), banking, feeding, whew!  It's one busy weekend.  ROCO!

So I missed last week's edition of ROCO Friday, but rest assured that I was partaking in a ROCO…or someone was…ahahahahaha!

This week has flown by!  We've got the summer vacation dates all set up, the house is booked and there's nothing to do but wait for it.  I love me some summer vacation.  Early morning coffee on the porch, birds chirping, squirrels everywhere, naked boating.  The good life for one week.  99 days and counting.  (99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer…)

It's 10am and I'm wired for sound.  ROCO!

I've really got to get to doing some schoolwork and things of that nature, so I'll leave you all with best wishes for a fun and relaxing weekend and my man, G$.  ROCO!


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