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    ROCO Friday – What’s the 411?

    (What's a 411 edition without a little Mary J?)

    <insert a low, almost rumbling, soulful humming, southern baptist church style here>

    Good people of the ROCO congregation:

    We have come here today to celebrate the day that is ROCO Friday.  A day that is looked upon as the best day of the week.  A day that knows no black or white.  A day that is equal opportunity for everyone!  Let the congregation say ROCO!


    We have traversed the trials and tribulations of another week and are able to hold our heads up high! (Until we go drinking tomorrow night and hang our heads down low, most likely praying to the porcelain god.)  We have held our ground against the evil known as Corporate America for yet another five days.  Let the congregation say ROCO!

    We know, in our hearts and souls, that executives don't know more than us.  We know, in those same hearts and souls, that businesses would collapse without us.  We know, that no matter how much time we spend surfing the net or posting on Vox, that we still can't leave early in case someone needs us.  We know, that when the clock strikes 5 (or 4:30 in my case), the weekend has BEGUN!  Let the congregation say ROCO!

    <CAN I GET A WITNESS?!?!?!>

    Let the congregation rejoice in the concept of a tightly coiled resignation letter that has more personality that your boss. (Griffin, Brian. 2006) 

    <humming is reaching a crescendo>

    Now, let the congregation go forth and have the most ROCO Friday ever!  Spread your ROCO love and slap someone with it!  Let the congregation say:


    <fried chicken and greens in the downstairs kitchen>

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    ROCO Friday – 4 squared

    Wow, that just took me back.  We used to play four square on the playground when I was in 5th grade.  Four square and Release.  Release is a version of tag.  Good times.

    The end of our week of quiet is near.  Tomorrow we pick up Kiddo from the airport.  The weekend is stuffed to the max with things to do.  Paper writing, airport trips, baseball games, shopping, returning, helping, Keys(!), banking, feeding, whew!  It's one busy weekend.  ROCO!

    So I missed last week's edition of ROCO Friday, but rest assured that I was partaking in a ROCO…or someone was…ahahahahaha!

    This week has flown by!  We've got the summer vacation dates all set up, the house is booked and there's nothing to do but wait for it.  I love me some summer vacation.  Early morning coffee on the porch, birds chirping, squirrels everywhere, naked boating.  The good life for one week.  99 days and counting.  (99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer…)

    It's 10am and I'm wired for sound.  ROCO!

    I've really got to get to doing some schoolwork and things of that nature, so I'll leave you all with best wishes for a fun and relaxing weekend and my man, G$.  ROCO!


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    Let’s Get Ready to RrrrrrrrrOCO Friday

    With all due props to Michael Buffer.

    We have successfully negotiated our way through another week, let the congregation say ROCO!

    So, Kiddo didn't get into the cool school.  She's stuck now just going to regular school.  She had somewhat prepared herself for the rejection though.  She saw the art submitted by the other kids trying out and realized that they kinda blew her out of the water.  I think she still had a little glimmer of hope but she wasn't all torn up about not getting in.

    Lovey and I had decided that if she got in, we would stay here another four years, but if she didn't, we would leave sooner.  We graduate in February of 2010 and we've tentatively chosen our 6th anniversary as a target date for getting the hell out of dodge.  There's so much to be done before then but we're just gonna have to plan it all out and get it on a calendar so we can make it work.  It's exciting to finally be able to say, okay, this is when we're shooting for and really believing that we'll make it then.

    Go west, young man is what they say and go west we will.  Must.  Be.  Closer.  To.  The.  Mountains.  I mean, really, do we have snowboards to only use them one week a year?!?!

    Y que mas?  The weekend is upon us people!  We've got papers to write and I'm still holding out hope that I'll have the patience and a bit of luck to make it into the top 36 in the poker tourney to play for cash on Sunday.  I'll take all the good poker vibes you've got tomorrow at 2:30pm. 🙂

    I've not much more to say today so I'll just leave you with my Meez.  Oh, and let the congregation say, ROCO!



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    ROCO Friday – the first March edition

    Greetings to the readership.  And the readership said, "ROCO!"

    It's a ROCO Friday and even better since it's payday.  I get to pretend like I have money for about a half hour until I pay my bills then it's back to reality.  But, I'm still thankful that I've got enough to pay those couple of bills and have a few bucks to spare.  And the readership said, "ROCO!"

    Today, the Shynerscope said that grounding energy might be working to smother my fire.  I will not have that!  I am burning brightly today, so if you're a wet blanket, stay away!  By all means, the best part of today's Shynerscope was the last line: Remember that at the end of the day, you need only be satisfied with the performance of one person: yourself.  That's right!  It's ALL about me.  And the readership said, "ROCO!"

    (is this blasphemous?)

    Welcome to March!  Month of birthdays (Dad, grrrace's Steve, Shaq, Lovey), turning back the clock, doing yoga in the super dark, and SPRING!  Now, here in Miami, spring doesn't mean much, but I look at it as another season closer to our next trip to Park City.  The house is already booked and if you thought last year's house was nice, we blew it out of the water for this year (which is actually next year).  We've upgraded to jacuzzi and sauna for after busting our asses all day on the mountain.  Can you say stoked?!?!  No?  Then let the readership say, "ROCO!"

    I've gotta get a move on to complete some tasks.  I am officially some sort of ad copywriter these days, on the side.  Every extra penny counts.  And the readership said, "ROCO!"


    Have a great weekend all!



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    ROCO Friday – delayed

    And so, since no one rocks out on Monday, but hopefully you get your cock out if you've got one, here's the slightly delayed version.

    Last week was wonderfully calm and quiet.  Basically, it consisted of getting my classes all straightened out so that I can graduate with my AA in December rather than February.  Baby steps people. I refuse to be a slave to Corporate America for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

    We came to the realization that it's gonna be four more years in Miami, unfortunately (barring lottery wins or other huge piles of money falling on us).  Kiddo has an interview for her magnet school coming up and if she gets in, there's no way I would pull her out before she graduates.  She's been talking about this school since she heard about it and practicing her sketching and such, so I hope that the interview goes well.

    A little extra cash in the paycheck this week is an awesome thing.  Too bad it didn't cover the things that broke such as my telephone, the monitor on my laptop, and my eyes.  But, extra cash is extra cash and for that I am thankful.  And yes, I wasted it on a fill for my fake-ass nails (can't have raggedy hands sporting the rock) and a spa pedicure (because if you get your hands done, might as well get the tootsies done too).  Fortunately, a little other will come in soon on top of the income tax check so I'll be able to pay off ALL the credit cards, hooray!  And I'm taking Lovey to dinner over the weekend for Valentine's Day.  He picks the place and drives, I pay.  I wish I could just get him flowers and candy.  😛

    Saturday we attended a little shindig for the birthday of Lovey's best friend's wife.  We were in charge of getting everyone into their place while they went out to dinner so we could surprise her.  Good times.  I know now why I try to avoid the camera.  It's because in just about every picture I take, I look hammered whether I am or not.  (and if I am, I look like I got keelhauled, face first)  Take for instance, Exhibit A.  By this time, I had had maybe two drinks.


    I'm not sure why this happens.  Even when I'm not drinking this happens, evidenced by the group photo at Christmas.  And my glasses make me look old.  I'm okay with that one though.  Can anyone tell me how to fix this?!?!  Ugh, the more I look at that picture the more I dislike it.

    Anywho, we had to jet out of the party a little early because I was STARVING!  We got home at close to 2, I believe, at which time I inhaled a half of a cheesesteak.  It was delicious.  The next morning I woke up and I smelled like cheesesteak.  Kinda gross.


    Today is a day of new journeys.  It's our first day of school and the first class sucks, lol.  Some sort of business garbage that neither I or he have any interest in, but it's only 5 weeks so we suck it up.  It's also day one of a personal journey.  It's personal.

    Sending out good vibes for a great remainder of your Monday.  Peace, love and hairgrease!

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