Let’s Get Ready to RrrrrrrrrOCO Friday

With all due props to Michael Buffer.

We have successfully negotiated our way through another week, let the congregation say ROCO!

So, Kiddo didn't get into the cool school.  She's stuck now just going to regular school.  She had somewhat prepared herself for the rejection though.  She saw the art submitted by the other kids trying out and realized that they kinda blew her out of the water.  I think she still had a little glimmer of hope but she wasn't all torn up about not getting in.

Lovey and I had decided that if she got in, we would stay here another four years, but if she didn't, we would leave sooner.  We graduate in February of 2010 and we've tentatively chosen our 6th anniversary as a target date for getting the hell out of dodge.  There's so much to be done before then but we're just gonna have to plan it all out and get it on a calendar so we can make it work.  It's exciting to finally be able to say, okay, this is when we're shooting for and really believing that we'll make it then.

Go west, young man is what they say and go west we will.  Must.  Be.  Closer.  To.  The.  Mountains.  I mean, really, do we have snowboards to only use them one week a year?!?!

Y que mas?  The weekend is upon us people!  We've got papers to write and I'm still holding out hope that I'll have the patience and a bit of luck to make it into the top 36 in the poker tourney to play for cash on Sunday.  I'll take all the good poker vibes you've got tomorrow at 2:30pm. 🙂

I've not much more to say today so I'll just leave you with my Meez.  Oh, and let the congregation say, ROCO!



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