ROCO Friday – the first March edition

Greetings to the readership.  And the readership said, "ROCO!"

It's a ROCO Friday and even better since it's payday.  I get to pretend like I have money for about a half hour until I pay my bills then it's back to reality.  But, I'm still thankful that I've got enough to pay those couple of bills and have a few bucks to spare.  And the readership said, "ROCO!"

Today, the Shynerscope said that grounding energy might be working to smother my fire.  I will not have that!  I am burning brightly today, so if you're a wet blanket, stay away!  By all means, the best part of today's Shynerscope was the last line: Remember that at the end of the day, you need only be satisfied with the performance of one person: yourself.  That's right!  It's ALL about me.  And the readership said, "ROCO!"

(is this blasphemous?)

Welcome to March!  Month of birthdays (Dad, grrrace's Steve, Shaq, Lovey), turning back the clock, doing yoga in the super dark, and SPRING!  Now, here in Miami, spring doesn't mean much, but I look at it as another season closer to our next trip to Park City.  The house is already booked and if you thought last year's house was nice, we blew it out of the water for this year (which is actually next year).  We've upgraded to jacuzzi and sauna for after busting our asses all day on the mountain.  Can you say stoked?!?!  No?  Then let the readership say, "ROCO!"

I've gotta get a move on to complete some tasks.  I am officially some sort of ad copywriter these days, on the side.  Every extra penny counts.  And the readership said, "ROCO!"


Have a great weekend all!



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4 responses to “ROCO Friday – the first March edition”

  1. Someone I work with shares the 3/6 birthday and then 2 other people at work have the b-days in March too. Lotta folks getting down and dirty on those hot summer nights!

  2. you make me laugh hysterically!!!ROCO, indeed!my oldest and my youngest are march… the penzi is march… a cousin of mine is march… the adah's ex s march…*sigh* i feel a bit drown-ded. *lol*

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