My Two Days Off

Over the weekend, I accomplished absolutely nothing and I loved every second of it!

Well, I guess that's not totally true.  I finished yet another silly paper for my class. (One more week to go of this one!  Hooray!)  I qualified for a satellite tournament to Sunday's $750K Brawl.  Wish me poker luck.

Kiddo, Lovey and I went to Friday's on Friday night.  Yeah, I know, chain restaurant, no originality, blahbitty, blahbitty, blah.  It's close, it's relatively inexpensive ($70 for two drinks, an app, three entrees, and two deserts), and the food is always okay if not downright good. I had gone with the idea of trying one of the new things on the menu that they got from the Food Network Ultimate Food Something or another.  I saw it come out and changed my mind.  Sure, someone may have asked for it well done, but an ahi tuna burger shouldn't look like what I saw.

On an up note, they also have these new shaker drinks.  WINNER!  I had one called a Patron Cosmo Rita.  I'm not a heavy tequila drinker but when I have it, I know what I like. (Thanks four years of working in a TexMex restaurant and 2 years of living in Mexico!)  I'm still spoiled with bartenders' tastes, so it can't be cheap and it can't be gold.  So regular Cuervo is a NO-NO from way back.  This bit of loveliness is just as smooth as silk.  You could honestly get hurt drinking these because it doesn't taste like booze…a lot.  I didn't think it did.  Lovey thought it did.  We just have different palates.  Anywho, I may buck up for a bottle of Patron and make this at home it was that yummy.

OMG!  I've been trying to post this since 9am.  Damn work interruptions.

I'll leave you with this photo taken by sticking my hand out the sunroof this morning whilst driving 65 in a 50.  I call it Cruise Ship Blur.  OMG Screw you VOX!  You won't upload my picture!!!  See it here on Flickr.


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2 thoughts on “My Two Days Off

  1. We've been watching those Food Network shows..I know the winner gets their dish served but sometimes I'm not sure how it's going to translate from home cook to restaurant. I guess the tuna burger didn't.

  2. Last night we watched it for the first time. I was surprised that at the end, they showed the Friday's chef and how they had changed that poor lady's stuff. She entered a 3 layer chocolate cake and they turned it into two mini cupcakes with chocolate chips. Kinda silly since they had a cupcake competition and eliminated all of those people.

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