Things on Tuesday – 311 edition – All mixed up

Sometimes, I like to think I'm funny or smart or original or something special.  Sometimes, I am.

So on with the things I loathe/love!


  • Fighting
  • Mold growing in the vent over my desk
  • Half-assed cleaning jobs of said mold issue
  • Paying more than $50 for an article of clothing that will never be seen
  • Still doing that same work over and over, getting rushed to finish it and then finding out I rushed for no reason
  • College classes with people who are NOT ready for college
  • My poor sinuses being such a train wreck


  • Making up
  • Claritin – my daily dose allows me to come to work, hooray
  • My boobs will look tremendous (not tremendous big, just tremendous beautiful) in my dress for the wedding
  • Haagen Dazs mango sorbet – by far the best mango flavored thing I've tasted since mangoes off the tree in the yard!
  • 4 days and counting remaining in class number one of way too many
  • Having a strong core.  Now if I could only get my upper body strength back.
  • 9 days till I can call Lovey an old man….yep, older by all of 9 months
  • 15 days till the plane ride!
  • A 4 day weekend
  • Kleenex with lotion
  • A week with more loves than loathes
  • New ideas that may get implemented

And that, my friends, is Tuesday. πŸ™‚


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5 thoughts on “Things on Tuesday – 311 edition – All mixed up

  1. "311 edition"… I get it! Funny, smart, original and something special… all in one.Now, if only I could get that song out of my head, thank you.

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