QotD: What?! No Goodnight Kiss?

What is the worst date you've ever been on?

Ah, great memories.  I had just returned to PA from NY and was working alongside a friend bartending in a tiny restaurant that made me enough money to only work a couple days a week.  In walked TC*, a guy that was all the rage back in our high school days even though he was from another school. (If girls from another school are saying you're hot, then you must believe that you're hot.)  He was flirting with me(!) pretty hard core (but not vigilante hard core to the penis).  I was a little leary to deal with him, mainly because, well, just because.  BUT, Sparky, who was a friend of my family, said to give him a chance.  So I did.  I actually ended up giving him a lot of chances.  Sparky thought I would be 'good for him' and I might be able to 'help him get himself together'.  I'm such an enabler.

I digress.  We set a time and a day and TC came over to pick me up.  It went downhill from the door.  He wanted to go to a bar to get a drink, which I wasn't opposed to.  It just happened to be the particular bar he took me to that was ALL WRONG!  I lived in a little place called the Mon Valley.  Steelworking kinda place.  So that means some areas were nice, some areas were mediocre, and some areas, well, you just didn't go to hang out.  Guess where we went?

He took me to, literally, a hole in the wall bar where I was a little afraid to sit on the bar stools let alone drink out of anything that wasn't a bottle I opened myself.  He sat there drinking and talking to people in this dive and left me to play video games.  They did have a jukebox and so I went over to see what was on.  I'm pretty sure that I played "Silly Ho" by TLC and he took that as a personal affront.  Afraid to be left in this nightmare, I had to go over to the bar to make nice, and that's where I saw the kicker – the reason I didn't go slumming in this area.

There was a 'woman' sitting at the end of the bar who looked like she had had a hard day of physical labor.  She was drinking a 40 of Old English (in a can, in a brown paper bag), through a straw, that rested between her two front teeth.  I am not making this up.  That was the point where the 'date' was over for me and I said that it was time to go.  And yeah, he had the nerve to make a comment about me thinking I was too good to be there.  I can't believe I went out with him again.  My self-esteem musta really been in the shitter.

*Names have NOT been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

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