Just another manic Monday

What's up peeps?  Let me say first off, that there are a mere 96 days left till vacation.  Don't worry, I won't post daily, so you won't see this 96 more times.  Lovey wants to do a couple of nights in Key West and stay at this coolio hotel.  Who am I to argue?  We are gonna take our bikes since that place is a few blocks off Duval Street, which is where most of the stuff is.  Yeah, I'm somewhat excited.

Busy weekend.  Had to do the usual weekend stuff (groceries, cleaning and such) and then went to pick up Kiddo at the airport.  Yuck, airport.  Anywho, I met her at baggage claim while Lovey circled around.  Of course, not before some icky guy tried to talk to me.  Dude, does the ring mean nothing to you?!?!  I know you saw it.  Just yuck.

So, I didn't see Kiddo right away so I called her.  Turns out that I had gone past the carousel that her bag would come down on.  I asked her where she was and she told me and I spotted her.  I asked her "Are you wearing something pink?" and I watched her look down at herself because she didn't remember what she was wearing.  HAHA, that's my kid.

Later that evening, we headed on out to Dolphin Stadium to see the baseball game.  To borrow a phrase from PittGirl, we went to see the Marlins play the Buccos of Suckitude.  Let me tell you that they lived up to their name.  I don't recall what inning it was when they walked the bases full, but I called for a grand slam and it was provided on the next pitch.  Painful.

What made it really cool was that there were Pirates fans to our left, right and behind us so I got to be social.  Left fans were quiet, behind fans were normal, right fans were hammered!  Not obnoxiously hammered though.  They gave Kiddo some peanuts and tried to get her to eat them shell and all.  Dude!  Gross!

Got some photos from the game.


More Dolphin StadiumMarlins pitcherBuccos of SuckitudeHAIRY EAR!Dolphin StadiumConcert stageBret on the big screenBret MichaelsMe and Lovey - sideways

So in a nutshell, you have: the stadium, players, players, the hairy ear of the old guy in front of us, wide stadium shot, mini-concert stage, big screen Bret Michaels, best picture I got of Bret from how far away we were, and me and Lovey forgotten to turn right-side up.

Yes, that's right, I said Bret Michaels, formerly of Posion, currently of Rock of Love.  He did a few Poison songs, a cover or two and one of his songs.  Not a bad performance.  I have video but I'll have to send it to YouTube along with the mariachis formerly promised as they're too big for Vox.  (I've got all of both Something to Belive In and Every Rose Has Its Thorn.  Yeah, I'm an 80s chick at heart.)

Sunday was just chill.  Had to finish yet another paper for school.  I must start finishing these things by Saturday so on Sunday, I can go here or here or both if I'm really spoiling myself.

Now, here we are, in a new week, with more work and stuff.  But hey, it's not so bad.  Still got family that loves me, friends scattered everywhere, roof, food, clothes, all the necessities and a few extras. 🙂

I hope that you all have a ROCKING Monday!  HEP!

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