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  • It's so early in the season. You should be saying "Go Penguins!" They've got a better chance against my poor Flyers. ;(We'll talk Pirates v. Philles in September. 😉

  • Ack, once again, I can't text and that's at the baseball GAME, not hand.
    I am still saying go Pens!!
    Unless they pick up the pace, I can't promise I'll still be even watching them in September. 🙂

  • nothing to do with baseball..the pic is cute 😀 and uhm, do you have a shotgun? your daughter's gorgeous. hehe.

  • Hahaha! Not to worry, Lovey has a nice closet full of them. I know there are dirty little boys everywhere, but we'll be moving out of Miami before she's old enough to date, lol.
    And thanks! 🙂

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