Things on 2sday- the 4(2)=8 edition

Such a grump-a-lump today.  Rats.


  • family
  • finding a super cool summer camp for Kiddo to go to (if she wants)
  • 95 days till vacation
  • personal time
  • the wind rushing past my ears when I step off the board
  • walking past the beach to go to work
  • when exercise was integrated into work
  • being finished with my IB class (2.5 weeks)


  • being sad for no particular reason
  • not feeling wanted or needed
  • being stuck
  • trying to schedule things that conflict
  • florida (but not Flo Rida)
  • 95 MORE DAYS until vacation

Too blah, to think of anything else

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10 responses to “Things on 2sday- the 4(2)=8 edition”

  1. OMG!! I had such ants in the pants to post this: I WENT to that camp! For six years!!!!! It was the most amazing experience of my life and I miss it every summer and every summer I think about going back. If you have absolutely any questions at all don't hesitate to message me. It is seriously the best sleep away or even day camp out there, hands down.

  2. Too awesome! I have no doubts about sending her there as long as she wants to go. I ended up working with someone who helped to run the circus program there so I've got nothing but good feelings on it. But, certainly, thanks, for backing them up! 🙂

  3. The only person I remember from the circus was Jackie, the director. I was in it for a few years but only as a ringmaster.It is such a great experience. I was getting giddy just thinking about it, hehe

  4. The one and only Jackie Tan?!?! Wow, impressive. I've never met her but have heard such great things about her.
    Kiddo would be all about the flying trapeze and maybe the single too. She takes after mom.

  5. Yes! She is a really really sweet lady, and super talented too. It's amazing the kinds of things they can teach the kids in just two weeks before the circus shows. She'd learn a lot.

  6. Since Kiddo's super spoiled, she already has a base knowledge from going to Club Med. She's done a couple of flying trapeze shows and one under the tent. If they could teach her to stretch, now that would be a miracle!

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