Stardate 91544.45 – Captain’s Personal Log

I am now forty. Years. Phenomenal! Woot!

Growing up, having a winter birthday sucked. You really couldn’t plan parties because if you did, you knew you’d just get snowed in and have to cancel anyway. Today, having a winter birthday was pretty much the best ever.

A leisurely lounging around looking at the mountains over the balcony kind of morning was what I had. The mountain was super quiet, so we went up and took a run before heading home. There were some spots where we were the first tracks on the corduroy. It was a little chilly, but it was totally worth it. A nice drive home with only a few worry spots on the road. Back in the neighborhood, spotted a bald eagle flying over.

So, yeah, a pretty good way to greet the big 4-0. 🙂


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