Getting Crazy

Ok, universe, back off a bit, huh? I know you like setting reminders on your phone and all, but it’s high time to delete the “Piss Her Off on Tuesday”event. It’s been the last three straight and I’m over it already! You’re raising my corticol levels and causing me belly fat. (Yeah, I’m a tv commercial right now,deal with it.)

Yep, blaming that belly fat on stress and not the pretzels I like to eat or any of the other carbs I indulge in. I’ll keep working out, but eating clean doesn’t happen until 2 or 3 weeks before competition. I like food. I like junk food. But not really chocolate or soda, thank goodness. I guess that since we didn’t have that stuff in the house when I was growing up, I never got accustomed to having it and now I just don’t care if I have it or not. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Little bit at a time, right? See you tomorrow.

Say What?