Back To It

Quite a few songs come to mind this morning as I return from my self-imposed blogging hiatus, but Trick and Trina and they nasty asses really had me feeling it. It’s been an interesting week and a half, and by interesting I mean totally painful and grumpy and on the edge of wanting to bring bodily harm to others. For this reason, I thought it time to just step away for a little bit and not contaminate the rest of the world with the bubbling anger within and man, was there a lot of it.

Feeling much better now and ready to get back to tackling everything, head on, per the norm. That vacation countdown, obviously, keeps getting smaller, and it’s within those numbers that mean it’s really getting close now. I don’t think I can put into words how much I’m looking forward to this one. Just relaxing by the pool, watching for flying fish, and snuggling up with the hubby. No work, no thinking about work, if we can both do it. Easier for me since I’m leaving all traces of work at home, but hubby has work email on his phone so I’m sure he’ll be looking at it. We’re terrible like that.

I’ll be skipping the blow-by-blow recap of what I’ve been up to for the last week and a half, mainly because it was just grumping around the house and grumping about work. On the positive side, though, I have a song in my head, I have some choreography in my head, got out to fly for the first time this season, picked up some new skivvies, figured out how to get my quite missed yoga class back into the routine even if only once a week, got a new bike seat so my ass doesn’t hurt for days after a ride, did one assisted (back to a pole) press up handstand, and determined that I really do need to add Ab Ripper X to the last 40-ish days of this round of P90X. See? I was still busy. Still working on those splits too. The goal is to have at least one side flat at the time of finishing P90X, then stretching daily to actually keep it. Lofty.

The new season is upon us! With only one snowboarding trip remaining, or one planned one anyway, I am just about done with winter and ready to move on. There’s so much to do! There’s pole training and gun ranges and Zumba and flying and bike riding, oh my! This could be the most jam packed winter and summer seasons of my life since I left the Med. These are not complaints, people. I enjoy having a full dance card, even when it isn’t full of dances. I can put all of those junior and high school dances behind me now because I have the only dance partner that matters. Thanks, babe.

I suppose that for a first day back, I don’t need to say a whole bunch more than this. I hope you didn’t miss me TOO much during my little break and hopefully I’ll have some new fun and exciting things to talk about in the upcoming days.

Say What?