Sailing, Slipping, and Steelers

Last we met our hero, she was braving the Florida humidity and dining in God’s waiting room. Now, she rides upon the largest cruise ship in the world, braving 8-13 foot swells and 40-50 knot winds. Being of superhero lineage, her stomach is bothered not by the rocking of the ship, although she is prone to the swaying back and forth like a drunk when the ship, she doeth rock.

Strong in so many manners, our hero does have her kryptonite. For her, the only thing to take her down is a set of wet stairs and a wave hitting the ship. In naught but the most graceful manner possible, she releases her footing and places her spine ever so gently at a 90 degree angle with the edge of the stair while she selects another stair edge, lower by 3, to use the edge to massage her left glute.  Well, she thinks, while I’m down here I might as well just slide down to the bottom!  Huzzah! But, in true fashion, she is up quick as a bunny. A bunny with a wet cottontail. Fortunately, it’s been too windy and rainy for our hero to publicly don any bikini tops and show off her thin, red line of a bruise from the Battle of Wet Stair.

Ok, ok, enough. It takes too much thinking to write that badly. And I am on vacation, after all. So yeah, I fell down some stairs. It sucked. I’m alive and surprisingly not in any pain as long as I don’t touch the bruised spot. Whatevs. To do some of the things that I do (fabric, trapeze, pole, snowboarding), I am seriously clumsy.

This ship is huge. It’s ridiculous. I don’t really feel like we’ll get to really enjoy it for another couple days when the weather will clear up. I’ll report back then. Pretty crazy how easy it is to blow money here. Or for my mom, how easy it is to win some. First day of bingo, she wins $400. Unreal. I, on the other hand, have not won at bingo in probably 10 years, possibly more. Penny slots are more my style.

Ohh, so our first stop was supposed to be Nassau, but because of the high winds and rough seas, they closed the port. We weren’t planning on getting off there, but it was certainly confusing to not be anywhere near where you’re supposed to be when you wake up in the morning. Sounds like it was a great party night.

There are Steelers fans and Pittsburgh folk on the ship. I wore a Steelers shirt today and was saluted with a yell of “Steelers!” several times with one guy following it up with “Super Bowl!”. I said let’s not rush anything. There was a family from the South Hills that stopped me to chat while we were getting ice cream. There were lots of Manning jerseys on Sunday too. And lots of sad faces on Monday.

It’s formal night. I have to go get cleaned up. I will probably take some pictures at some point.

Say What?