Sailing, Slipping, and Steelers

Last we met our hero, she was braving the Florida humidity and dining in God’s waiting room. Now, she rides upon the largest cruise ship in the world, braving 8-13 foot swells and 40-50 knot winds. Being of superhero lineage, her stomach is bothered not by the rocking of the ship, although she is prone to the swaying back and forth like a drunk when the ship, she doeth rock.

Strong in so many manners, our hero does have her kryptonite. For her, the only thing to take her down is a set of wet stairs and a wave hitting the ship. In naught but the most graceful manner possible, she releases her footing and places her spine ever so gently at a 90 degree angle with the edge of the stair while she selects another stair edge, lower by 3, to use the edge to massage her left glute.  Well, she thinks, while I’m down here I might as well just slide down to the bottom!  Huzzah! But, in true fashion, she is up quick as a bunny. A bunny with a wet cottontail. Fortunately, it’s been too windy and rainy for our hero to publicly don any bikini tops and show off her thin, red line of a bruise from the Battle of Wet Stair.

Ok, ok, enough. It takes too much thinking to write that badly. And I am on vacation, after all. So yeah, I fell down some stairs. It sucked. I’m alive and surprisingly not in any pain as long as I don’t touch the bruised spot. Whatevs. To do some of the things that I do (fabric, trapeze, pole, snowboarding), I am seriously clumsy.

This ship is huge. It’s ridiculous. I don’t really feel like we’ll get to really enjoy it for another couple days when the weather will clear up. I’ll report back then. Pretty crazy how easy it is to blow money here. Or for my mom, how easy it is to win some. First day of bingo, she wins $400. Unreal. I, on the other hand, have not won at bingo in probably 10 years, possibly more. Penny slots are more my style.

Ohh, so our first stop was supposed to be Nassau, but because of the high winds and rough seas, they closed the port. We weren’t planning on getting off there, but it was certainly confusing to not be anywhere near where you’re supposed to be when you wake up in the morning. Sounds like it was a great party night.

There are Steelers fans and Pittsburgh folk on the ship. I wore a Steelers shirt today and was saluted with a yell of “Steelers!” several times with one guy following it up with “Super Bowl!”. I said let’s not rush anything. There was a family from the South Hills that stopped me to chat while we were getting ice cream. There were lots of Manning jerseys on Sunday too. And lots of sad faces on Monday.

It’s formal night. I have to go get cleaned up. I will probably take some pictures at some point.


The last few days have been, well, somewhat ridiculous.  Let's see….

  • Friday – hey, it's the start of the weekend, woo hoo, let's go!  Except my car won't start.  Get a jump (because it's always the battery no matter what's REALLY wrong) and head home.  On the way home, car stalls out.  Won't turn over.  Yikes!  Fortunately, I'm going downhill and have a stick shift and grew up with all boys and know how to pop the clutch.  Got it home.
  • Saturday – well, it's still the weekend.  Let's run some errands and get some battery terminal cleaner to fix up the Scoot Mobile.  Get the bikes tuned up and ready for the week in the Keys.  And, oh delicious fatness, the chicken wing cook-off.
  • Sunday – finish up some homework, lay around contemplating what to do.  Do nothing.
  • Monday – back to the grind.  Everything seems normal.  The Scoot Mobile hiccups one time but gets home with no other problems.  One of my houseplants died.  The horror!
  • Tuesday – hey, the Scoot Mobile needs gas so leave the house early to stop at the gas station.  Throw in $20 worth and hop back in to find that….IT WON'T START!  Luckily the gas station is only about 3 blocks from the house so back to the house I hoof in heels.  Poor Lovey.  He came over to the station to give me a jump, but alas, there was no jumping to be had.  In the end, he pushed me home with his truck.
    • Tuesday (cont) – gotta fix it, gotta fix it, gotta fix it.  The Scoot Mobile is an old girl but it's kind of like dog years.  She's old for, maybe a Chevy, but for a Honda, 14 years is a spring chicken.  Lucked out in that the place by the house could see her and did and quickly and best of all, for under $200 fixed her up.  Not only did they fix the problem (bad ignition switch) but they also tightened up everything so it feels like I'm driving a new car!  They rock.  They get to fix Scoot from now on.
  • Wednesday – hey, that's today!  It's quiet, thankfully.  Me and Scoot came to work with no problems.  We just found out that we get to leave at 1 tomorrow (although coming in at 7:30 makes this not as great) and a romantic weekend with Lovey is a mere 30 hours away.  I'm loving life at the moment.  Oh yeah, kinda funny that MommaShyner is now playing the Plurk game too.  She's funny.  Wanna see her?  Love my MommaShyner although she needs to match her makeup color a little better.
  • Mom


I hope that your day is filled with cool stuff!  There's only a little bit of madness left until a nice, long weekend.  Mount up!

* – Hectosity is the crazy state of hectic-ness

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The space-time continuum

Well then, happy Monday Voxers.

I feel as though I may have stepped into some time portal as it's already 2pm and I feel as though I've just recently arrived to work.  Now, this would be normal on a day where I was swamped with work, but today is not that day.  Time just keeps disappearing.  The time between meals evaporates like it wasn't there at all.  And on a non-related note, bouts of lightheadedness while sitting are just plain weird.

Weekends are just delicious, aren't they?  Yesterday, Lovey, Kiddo and I went over to the home of the new bride and groom for slideshows and videos (and burgers and beers and snacks, oh my tummy).  Great times had by all and we're going to work on having the get-together monthly.  Hooray!

Talks of the Park City vacation were in full swing, even though it's still 9 months away.  We all feel like it's been forever since we were there but it's only been 3 months.  We have more folks joining us this year which will make it either way more fun or a super pain in the ass, lol.

I found it rather amusing when, joking with another guest, she called me a bad mommy.  Kiddo got pretty pissed and said that I'm not a bad mommy, I'm a great mommy.  The other guest noted that she was just joking but Kiddo wasn't having any of that.  I guess I'm not doing such a bad job after all.

The 8th grade dance is on Friday.  I will post pictures later of Kiddo in her self-designed, MommaShyner-made dress.  Let me warn you now that the color scheme is rather outrageous.  The design itself is cute though.  Yet Kiddo has no desire to do anything in fashion.  Go figure.

The fitness bug is about to hit me again.  I know it's all about how my clothes fit and feeling healthy, but 136 pounds on a 5'1" frame just doesn't sound right.  I've got a lot of muscle mass that I can't get rid of. (If anyone knows a safe way to lose muscle mass, please let me know.)  So, it's Zumba mornings and once a week of LEM the Workout over at Body and Soul.  I got the most rockin deal ever on a Mother's Day promotion to get back to pole classes.  Regular price for the once a week, 90 minute class for 6 weeks and for free I got the punch card that allows me to go to as many classes as my body can take for 6 weeks.  AWESOME!  Now, if I could just find time for the trapeze and aerial classes, I'd be set.  Yeah, well, if I could find the money too.

Anywho, I've rambled enough.  Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Best. Family. Ever.

Kiddo goes to camp (although not for the 5 weeks, but for 4) thanks to Mom pitching in and Lovey paying half of what's left.

I don't know that I would know what to do without Lovey.  Sure, Kiddo's being out of the house for a month benefits him (let your imagination run and get its feet dirty) but in no way is he obligated to pitch in at all, let alone pay half.  He rocks!

Everyone should have a Lovey.  Just not my Lovey, lol.

Happy Monday, ya'll.

AWESOME UPDATE!! : First time camper discount knocks almost $800 of the cost!  Woohooo!!!

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Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Is the name of a Stephen King novel.   There, I said it.  On with the post.

Yesterday was a bad day to be in Miami.  See Roboco's post about the crane collapse, there were break-ins that resulted in shootings, the road that I take to travel the 9 miles from the place I work to my home was shut down because of a very bad accident involving two motorcycles resulting in a 2 HOUR drive to get home and the side street on the way was clogged up because of another motorcycle crash in which an older guy laid it down and was laying in the street when I went past.  Yikes, what a nightmare for Miami.

There are only a few things that I am afraid of.  I mean, really afraid of.  Needles are one and bats are another.  Not like baseball bats, flying rats.  Those nasty little buggers.  I've never been a fan ever since one dive-bombed my head when I was walking home at dusk when I was around 10 years old.  ACK!

When I lived in Mexico, there were bats everywhere.  I was freaked out all the time heading back to my room.  There were places I wouldn't walk because I knew they were hiding in there.  Slightly irrational?  Yes.  I've seen them on the ground.  I know how big they are.  They're small.  That doesn't make them any less yucky.

Last night I dreamt that one flew into the house when we left our sliding glass door open.  This wasn't a small black bat.  This thing was huge and brown.  I think that's why I called it a coconut bat* in the dream.  It was as big as a freaking coconut!  Lovey shooshed it out of the house while I screamed.  I woke up this morning thinking, man I'm glad we got that stupid bat out of the house.  It was just that real.

* I don't think there's any such thing as a coconut bat.

Today, Kiddo goes to Mom's, thankfully not on American Airlines as I'm watching CNN and they just cancelled about 200 flights.  Tomorrow, we leave the country!  No, I'm not excited or anything.  😀

It's hump day, ya'll.  Get your hump on!  Have a great day!  HEP.

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