The last few days have been, well, somewhat ridiculous.  Let's see….

  • Friday – hey, it's the start of the weekend, woo hoo, let's go!  Except my car won't start.  Get a jump (because it's always the battery no matter what's REALLY wrong) and head home.  On the way home, car stalls out.  Won't turn over.  Yikes!  Fortunately, I'm going downhill and have a stick shift and grew up with all boys and know how to pop the clutch.  Got it home.
  • Saturday – well, it's still the weekend.  Let's run some errands and get some battery terminal cleaner to fix up the Scoot Mobile.  Get the bikes tuned up and ready for the week in the Keys.  And, oh delicious fatness, the chicken wing cook-off.
  • Sunday – finish up some homework, lay around contemplating what to do.  Do nothing.
  • Monday – back to the grind.  Everything seems normal.  The Scoot Mobile hiccups one time but gets home with no other problems.  One of my houseplants died.  The horror!
  • Tuesday – hey, the Scoot Mobile needs gas so leave the house early to stop at the gas station.  Throw in $20 worth and hop back in to find that….IT WON'T START!  Luckily the gas station is only about 3 blocks from the house so back to the house I hoof in heels.  Poor Lovey.  He came over to the station to give me a jump, but alas, there was no jumping to be had.  In the end, he pushed me home with his truck.
    • Tuesday (cont) – gotta fix it, gotta fix it, gotta fix it.  The Scoot Mobile is an old girl but it's kind of like dog years.  She's old for, maybe a Chevy, but for a Honda, 14 years is a spring chicken.  Lucked out in that the place by the house could see her and did and quickly and best of all, for under $200 fixed her up.  Not only did they fix the problem (bad ignition switch) but they also tightened up everything so it feels like I'm driving a new car!  They rock.  They get to fix Scoot from now on.
  • Wednesday – hey, that's today!  It's quiet, thankfully.  Me and Scoot came to work with no problems.  We just found out that we get to leave at 1 tomorrow (although coming in at 7:30 makes this not as great) and a romantic weekend with Lovey is a mere 30 hours away.  I'm loving life at the moment.  Oh yeah, kinda funny that MommaShyner is now playing the Plurk game too.  She's funny.  Wanna see her?  Love my MommaShyner although she needs to match her makeup color a little better.
  • Mom


I hope that your day is filled with cool stuff!  There's only a little bit of madness left until a nice, long weekend.  Mount up!

* – Hectosity is the crazy state of hectic-ness

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