Wake Up!

Hey Tuesday, how you doing? I’m glad to see you. I’m glad to be awake. Particularly because the dreams of Monday night were absolutely outrageous and not in a good way at all.

I’m sure that over the course of your life, you’ve had at least one doozy of a nightmare. I’m no stranger to strange dreams. Sometimes it’s a full-on nightmare, but mostly I fall under the realm of just weird. As a kid, I used to have a few recurring dreams/nightmares which included:

  • Drowning in an overflowing toilet
  • Getting flung off the end of the Laser Loop at Kennywood (to always wake up with a headache)
  • Being in some sort of haunted house where the only way to escape was to die

Uh, yeah, recurring theme going on up there as a kid. It’s not like I had some crazy traumatic childhood, although I probably started reading Stephen King at an age that most might consider too tender for his writing. Books were (and still are) my friends though, but I digress.

Last night was like a movie, or maybe a TV show, running through my mind. It was disturbing. I killed someone. I don’t know who, but I did it. It wasn’t overly violent and could have possibly even been an accident, but no one was seeing it that way and I was on the run. Sometimes people helped me and right before I woke up, someone acted like they were helping me, but then the people who were looking for me magically showed up. The person who I thought was helping me just looked at me and shrugged. Ugh!

It’s interesting how you can feel like a dream happened all damn night long, but when you look at your Fitbit the next day, it says nope. All of that craziness happened in your head in a 30 minute period. It probably would have made a decent 30 minute TV show, maybe a miniseries because, you know, COMMERCIALS! But I don’t remember it that clearly and that sort of focus will get saved for next month.

Completely unrelated and random, I started taking a probiotic a few days ago in the hopes that it would reduce some of this ridiculous stomach bloat I’m dealing with. So far, kinda? We’ll see in a week. But until tomorrow, I’m off to go do some work.

Say What?