Wake Up!

Hey Tuesday, how you doing? I’m glad to see you. I’m glad to be awake. Particularly because the dreams of Monday night were absolutely outrageous and not in a good way at all.

I’m sure that over the course of your life, you’ve had at least one doozy of a nightmare. I’m no stranger to strange dreams. Sometimes it’s a full-on nightmare, but mostly I fall under the realm of just weird. As a kid, I used to have a few recurring dreams/nightmares which included:

  • Drowning in an overflowing toilet
  • Getting flung off the end of the Laser Loop at Kennywood (to always wake up with a headache)
  • Being in some sort of haunted house where the only way to escape was to die

Uh, yeah, recurring theme going on up there as a kid. It’s not like I had some crazy traumatic childhood, although I probably started reading Stephen King at an age that most might consider too tender for his writing. Books were (and still are) my friends though, but I digress.

Last night was like a movie, or maybe a TV show, running through my mind. It was disturbing. I killed someone. I don’t know who, but I did it. It wasn’t overly violent and could have possibly even been an accident, but no one was seeing it that way and I was on the run. Sometimes people helped me and right before I woke up, someone acted like they were helping me, but then the people who were looking for me magically showed up. The person who I thought was helping me just looked at me and shrugged. Ugh!

It’s interesting how you can feel like a dream happened all damn night long, but when you look at your Fitbit the next day, it says nope. All of that craziness happened in your head in a 30 minute period. It probably would have made a decent 30 minute TV show, maybe a miniseries because, you know, COMMERCIALS! But I don’t remember it that clearly and that sort of focus will get saved for next month.

Completely unrelated and random, I started taking a probiotic a few days ago in the hopes that it would reduce some of this ridiculous stomach bloat I’m dealing with. So far, kinda? We’ll see in a week. But until tomorrow, I’m off to go do some work.

It’s Been A While

Hold on, lemme clear these tumbleweeds off this desert that is my blog:

Image result for blowing off dust gif

So, hey! How ya been? Last time we chatted, I was still ten days out from quitting my job. All the stuff since then. Said my goodbyes to work and to Colorado, trekked across the country in a U-Haul. Saw some absosmurfly hilarious stuff along the way. (I’m looking at you pseudo-Ruff Ryders with no DMX, drinking chardonnay.) Tons of lightning bugs in Kansas. Crazy rainstorms. Billboards with zombie Jesus. More than a normal amount of dead armadillos. Unrecognizable road kill. And HUGE, like YUUUGE (and yes, I’m using that for a reason) confederate flags. (See what I did there?)

We’re all settled in now and have made our first trip to Busch Gardens, which, of course, was oh so important for me since I have an adrenaline problem. After packing up the whole house in Colorado, and having to switch the plan like three times, needless to say, exhaustion was present. We hired some guys to do the unpacking on this side. Or, at least to bring the stuff into the house and bring the heavy stuff upstairs. Yes, I was thrilled to not have to deal with that mess. With two U-Boxes, we had those suckers unpacked in less than a day. Our new neighbors were stunned that we had them out of the way so quickly, not that they were in anyone’s way. We’re still not quite in “season” yet, so half of our neighborhood isn’t here. That’s the Florida life. Six months of too many people and six months of no waiting in line for anything.

It hasn’t been all fun and games though. Along the way, I did some studying, got kinda nervous, nailed it anyway, aaaaaaaaannnnnndddd:

Yup, licensed Realtor down here in Florida. Of course, a nod to the Club Med days since so much of real estate is shaking hands and kissing babies for which no other job could have prepared me better. Now, let’s not get it twisted, there is SO MUCH knowledge to ingest. Like, my calendar is starting to look like I’m a college student. I have/have had ten classes to take that are mandatory. I’ve gotten two under my belt and the majority of the others scheduled. And pshhhh, let’s not even talk about the other training that I’m doing. Every day I’m learning something new. All the while, I’m turning into a networking machine. Hey, hi, how ya doin? What do you do? Oh great! That’s cool. Me? I’m a Realtor. Keep me in mind if you are gonna buy or sell and hey, tell a friend. I might already be able to build a castle with business cards. It’s madness and I love it! So, you know, hey, if you’re gonna buy or sell down here in Sarasota or Manatee counties, or have friends or family who are, see that pic above and share the love. 😉

Along with this new career path has come some crazy drive. And outta control dreams. For the last couple of weeks, my brain has just refused to turn off. I’ve been looking at my REM sleep on my Fitbit, and yeah, there’s a lot of it. Some dreams from when I was younger resurfaced. My dad has shown up twice. Old friends have made appearances. I think only one true nightmare, fortunately.

Sidebar on nightmares: By no means am I a strong swimmer. Like, I likely won’t drown if I get thrown in a pool (which has happened because, well, I’m a smartass), but I don’t swim for pleasure and doubt I would last long in open water. So, I have a healthy fear of water, except when I’m drinking which is the worst time to be comfortable, but that’s not what this sidebar is about. As a kid, I had a few fears. World War III was pretty high up there since I grew up under the watch of Reagan SMASH! Fire and our house burning down was another, possibly because an elder relative died in a house fire. Tornadoes because those shits are just scary! Flushing other people’s toilets, simply because I was an odd child. And drowning. Of course, the recurring nightmare was about drowning in an overflowing toilet. And always in the private school I went to through fourth grade. Yes, it’s impossible as the bathroom was far from having any sort of seal that would allow that much water to accumulate, but as I said, I was an odd child.

Even with my brain refusing to rest, my body still is, thankfully. But I’m about to put it to the test. My morning schedule has been filled with ALL the things. Today it had ten. I think that next Monday I will get to all ten. Today I only made 80%. Considering I had one of those previously mentioned mandatory classes that lasted 3 hours plus a networking lunch for another hour and a half, plus it took me like 9 hours to make dinner (ok, not 9 hours, but I would never make it on any tv show that involved making a dish in 30 minutes), I’m happy to get 8 of 10 done.

One of the 10 for today was to write. This one is important. I used to contribute to this bloggy all the time and I’ve fallen off time and again. But perhaps if I put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as the case may be, I’ll be able to empty out the brain a little bit and have some more chilled out sleep. Fingers crossed, y’all. Fingers crossed.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Check back tomorrow to see if I make it two in a row. I’m pulling for me, are you? Leave a comment. I like those. They’re encouraging. Even if you tell me I ramble, that’s cool cuz it’s true. Tell me something you wanna hear about. Give me a topic to write you a story. I’m down. Til then!


I wish I was a little bit taller because I have this preconceived notion that taller = better lines. I wish I was a baller if baller means professional who gets paid to do aerial and pole stuff. Ah, wishes, they’re the good stuff. Here’s another: I wish I already had my splits. Perhaps you recall back around the first of the year, I started out like this. I don’t go back often to look at where I was so I was happy to see that there is a tiny bit of progress happening from then to now. See?

Left Split 2.12.14 Right split 2.12.14


I’d say that at the beginning of the year, I could put two yoga blocks on top of each other and get them between the floor and the goods. Today I’m almost touching only one yoga block between me and splitsdom. Also, no, those snowboard boots don’t move from that spot. We’re spoiled and we both have two pairs and there’s no more room in that closet that you can kinda see by my back foot. There’s room. We just don’t put things away.

At this rate of progress, assuming I don’t hit the proverbial wall,  I could have this on the floor before Cruise #1 2014. Gotta love a lucky hubby who wins us a cruise. Pretty stoked that the first cruise is already all paid for outside of the car service I still have to get for us to get from airport to port.

I wish I had a few more readers. I tell myself that I’m writing daily to establish this habit and possibly one day write my great American novel(s), and that’s true, however, my ego loves the good stroke provided by a larger readership. I’m realistic about this. I don’t always write about things of interest to the general public. This blog is more like my open-to-the-world diary and I get it if people aren’t overly excited about the minute details of my life. But I think that we, as a team, yes, you and I, could have more people joining us in this wonderful little space if I had a better idea of what’s interesting to you. Perhaps I should start storytelling here.  Hmmm, new page to the blog with an addition to the story every week? There’s an idea I just might run with. So, yeah, go ahead and comment down there. Hell, invite a friend, I’m cool with that.

Last thing before I go, and this is really more for me than you guys. Sorry. Please lose 10 pounds. I’m not allowed to have a scale in the house so imagine my surprise when I got on the scale at the gym and it rang me up for a number that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Yes, lay off the carbs there Sergeant SkinnyFat. That is all. Don’t make me go all bootcamp on myself. Ha!

Recap: splits are making progress, I have wishes, I love that song, more readers would be cool, work out harder.

Have a great hump day!

A hodgepodge

Yes, a hodgepodge. Sorry in advance.

Let’s start with yoga. There isn’t much to report on from Monday. I didn’t have an opportunity to chat after class as I had to get home ASAP because I had Lovey’s truck (BrotherMan had my car for his first day of work) and he had to get to work also. As though I didn’t know this already, my hip area is tighter than, well, insert your own little dirty ditty there as you like. My  knees never make it to the floor in a butterfly stretch and attempting to do fire log pose is just a laugh and a half. No meditating today – I’m such a slacker.

Sunday night/super early Monday morning, I had just the most vivid dream. My dad was in it. I’m quite certain he hasn’t shown up in any of my dreams since he passed about 10 years ago. While I don’t fully remember the entire premise, it seemed like the real life situation had been reversed and my mom had passed and my dad was still kicking. I think that I was possibly living at home with him, but I’m not entirely certain. I do know that I had met someone and was considering either moving in with said person or possibly moving away with said person and my dad was really upset by this. The feeling I got was that he was about to lose his house and there was just a lot of lost feelings. It was really tearing me in half in the dream and I woke up a little bit disoriented. Kinda strange, but even in a dream that was far from happy, it was good to see him so clearly.

Yesterday, Lovey and I went to the first in our series of eight (indoor) snowboarding classes. It was an absolute blast. We got to start with some trampoline conditioning before we went over to the hill where we worked on heel side and toe side turns. Totally fun although I ended up with a wet butt as they dampen the carpet so that you can actually slide down it on your board. I’m hoping that at the end of the session, I won’t freak out every time I accidentally catch air and I might actually catch some on purpose! More fun…jumping off of a 12 foot platform into the big air bag. Wheeeee! The first one was scary until Lovey pointed out, um, you do flying trapeze and it’s higher. Next week I’m flipping into that bad boy!

Tomorrow is possibly the most full day I have had or will have in quite some time. Looks like this: wake up at 5:30. Head to the gym for yoga at 6:15. Come back home and stuff my face full of oatmeal (or maybe eggs if I’m feeling up to it) before I head over to the trapeze for some morning flying at 9. Fly till about noon and come home to shower before going to work at 1. Finish that up at 5 and scoot back to the house to change clothes and head over to Progresh for trampolining and tumbling class at 6. I’m there until 7-ish from where I’ll go directly to aerial fabric class at 8. Hmmm, I am definitely going to have to find a place to put food in there, huh? Hopefully I survive, lol.

Welp, I guess I had better go get dinner started because with any luck, I’ll be cheering the Pirates on to a win over these damn Cardinals and putting a few more wins between us and them. Let’s go, Bucs!!

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Is the name of a Stephen King novel.   There, I said it.  On with the post.

Yesterday was a bad day to be in Miami.  See Roboco's post about the crane collapse, there were break-ins that resulted in shootings, the road that I take to travel the 9 miles from the place I work to my home was shut down because of a very bad accident involving two motorcycles resulting in a 2 HOUR drive to get home and the side street on the way was clogged up because of another motorcycle crash in which an older guy laid it down and was laying in the street when I went past.  Yikes, what a nightmare for Miami.

There are only a few things that I am afraid of.  I mean, really afraid of.  Needles are one and bats are another.  Not like baseball bats, flying rats.  Those nasty little buggers.  I've never been a fan ever since one dive-bombed my head when I was walking home at dusk when I was around 10 years old.  ACK!

When I lived in Mexico, there were bats everywhere.  I was freaked out all the time heading back to my room.  There were places I wouldn't walk because I knew they were hiding in there.  Slightly irrational?  Yes.  I've seen them on the ground.  I know how big they are.  They're small.  That doesn't make them any less yucky.

Last night I dreamt that one flew into the house when we left our sliding glass door open.  This wasn't a small black bat.  This thing was huge and brown.  I think that's why I called it a coconut bat* in the dream.  It was as big as a freaking coconut!  Lovey shooshed it out of the house while I screamed.  I woke up this morning thinking, man I'm glad we got that stupid bat out of the house.  It was just that real.

* I don't think there's any such thing as a coconut bat.

Today, Kiddo goes to Mom's, thankfully not on American Airlines as I'm watching CNN and they just cancelled about 200 flights.  Tomorrow, we leave the country!  No, I'm not excited or anything.  😀

It's hump day, ya'll.  Get your hump on!  Have a great day!  HEP.

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