I wish I was a little bit taller because I have this preconceived notion that taller = better lines. I wish I was a baller if baller means professional who gets paid to do aerial and pole stuff. Ah, wishes, they’re the good stuff. Here’s another: I wish I already had my splits. Perhaps you recall back around the first of the year, I started out like this. I don’t go back often to look at where I was so I was happy to see that there is a tiny bit of progress happening from then to now. See?

Left Split 2.12.14 Right split 2.12.14


I’d say that at the beginning of the year, I could put two yoga blocks on top of each other and get them between the floor and the goods. Today I’m almost touching only one yoga block between me and splitsdom. Also, no, those snowboard boots don’t move from that spot. We’re spoiled and we both have two pairs and there’s no more room in that closet that you can kinda see by my back foot. There’s room. We just don’t put things away.

At this rate of progress, assuming I don’t hit the proverbial wall,  I could have this on the floor before Cruise #1 2014. Gotta love a lucky hubby who wins us a cruise. Pretty stoked that the first cruise is already all paid for outside of the car service I still have to get for us to get from airport to port.

I wish I had a few more readers. I tell myself that I’m writing daily to establish this habit and possibly one day write my great American novel(s), and that’s true, however, my ego loves the good stroke provided by a larger readership. I’m realistic about this. I don’t always write about things of interest to the general public. This blog is more like my open-to-the-world diary and I get it if people aren’t overly excited about the minute details of my life. But I think that we, as a team, yes, you and I, could have more people joining us in this wonderful little space if I had a better idea of what’s interesting to you. Perhaps I should start storytelling here.  Hmmm, new page to the blog with an addition to the story every week? There’s an idea I just might run with. So, yeah, go ahead and comment down there. Hell, invite a friend, I’m cool with that.

Last thing before I go, and this is really more for me than you guys. Sorry. Please lose 10 pounds. I’m not allowed to have a scale in the house so imagine my surprise when I got on the scale at the gym and it rang me up for a number that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Yes, lay off the carbs there Sergeant SkinnyFat. That is all. Don’t make me go all bootcamp on myself. Ha!

Recap: splits are making progress, I have wishes, I love that song, more readers would be cool, work out harder.

Have a great hump day!

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