Soul Sellers

Welcome to the first Monday of 2014! The day in which NYRs really start. The day where we “really” start putting our best foot forward. The day in which I sell my soul. Yep, welcome to pseudo-management. But work, who wants to talk about that? Not me.

Up at 5 this morning, per the plan. First day of P90X3 went pretty well. To only be a half hour, I was surprised to have still broken a sweat. I don’t know what I was expecting. I mean, it is still a P90X product. Not as holy hell difficult as the first one, but hopefully I’ll still see results out of it. Followed that up with a little stretching for splits. I keep saying that I want to get these damned splits, but then I keep not stretching. 1 plus 1 does not equal splits here. But if I can stick with this plan for a while (and I should be able to), perhaps in a few months, I’ll be closer to getting there than I am now.

Right split Left split

There’s the starting point. Pretty much the same place it’s been forever. *sigh* Time to get flat. (but not ass and titties…ass and titties).

The morning routine will be deemed a success. 5am isn’t so much worse than 5:30, especially when my body says “hey, wake up!” anyway. More years, less sleep. The fun never ends.

Fun week ahead! The morning routine continues, Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday, FabPole on Wednesday. Snowboarding on Saturday. Good times.

Well, the time is rapidly approaching for me to go shake hands and sign for my soul on the dotted line. I can do this. I can do anything! Have a great day.

Say What?